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once I was blind--now I see---came too the crossroad-got set free!! found a friend=BIGGER than me! focus is changed-life rearanged--like a kid once again-excited by a peek at the=PLAN!! SIMPLY CEASED FROM STRUGGLING & STRIFE--SIMPLY WALKING IN newness OF =LIFE. NO-BODY can tell it like it IS=like***JESUS***

-- al-on-the-way (, September 18, 2000


Al, where are you at, in your progress? I am about to desert them all, and go down a lonely hill, to which I have never ventured, devoid, of all. It is a lonely venture. I can only summon the material song of "Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz". Got to keep a joke or two. Cheers to you.

-- Human Skin (isn', September 20, 2000.

al, to WHERE are you "on-the-way"? What's going on with you lately?

-- Patricia (, September 20, 2000.

hi patricia, i,ve been seeking-more understanding-of the CROSS & what it does for me!!PONDERING HIS LAST=WORDS!! ***IT IS FINISHED***** THE LOVE OF GOD--HAD WON-OVER-THE-DEMANDS OF THE LAW!!! free at last--no false preacher-can bust my blast!!!

-- al-d. (, September 21, 2000.

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