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This is a new website of work by Anthony Jones, address

Any comments

-- Anthony Jones (, September 18, 2000


Right off hand, your site needs to be designed for smaller screens. 640x480 is still widely used, and 800x600 is the most common screen size. You don't need Hitmatic. The animated counter distracts from your site. Get rid of it.

What you have on your front page is termed by Vincent Flanders as "Mystery Meat." There is nothing on there which shows what is where. Mousing over it doesn't do any good. I absolutely, positively, must click on it to find out what's there. That's not good. Just adding subtiltles to your pictures will solve that problem. Your pictures also need an ALT attribute. If someone visits your site with pictures turned off in their browser, what will they see?

Be consistent with other sites in regards to general navigation. Links should be on the top or left. Yours is on the right.

Your text should always be easy to read. Your intro page has a dark stripe on the left which makes reading your address very difficult. Also, your links on the right are difficult to read. That links box also obscures some text, depending on what page I am looking at.

Good job on that link box, though. Each page doesn't have a link to itself. The links always point someplace else. That is a good design.

-- Brian C. Miller (, October 05, 2000.

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