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I met some interesting folks last year including a BPA engineer who shared my interest in big game hunting. We corresponded throughout most of the online Y2K debate. A self-confessed "polly," he knew most of the Debunkers including Charles Reuben. When I offended the mighty Reuben last year, my friend tried to intercede and make the peace. While I appreciated the intent, I had realized long before that Reuben was unbalanced. Reuben tolerated only abject sycophants like "Doc Paulie." Anyone who dared to disagree became the "enemy." My friend was dismayed when I laughed at Reuben's threat of "legal action." Back then, he felt Reuben was making a difference.

I've lost touch with my pal, but I hope he's visiting this board. If so, I hope he finally sees what is plainly apparent to everyone else.

Just as Reuben dominated BFI and Debunker, he will make every attempt to dominate this board. He's the online version of the boor who wrecks every party by sheer force of personality. With Lady Logic, Reuben's female counterpart, I had a simple suggestion. Take all of the near duplicate posts and place them into one thread. This makes the forum easier to read without engaging in censorship.

Now, anyone for chat about hunting?

-- Ken Decker (, September 18, 2000


Deer hunting? A big buck was right outside my front door the other day, chewing on my tree. If I had a rifle... actually they are pretty animals.

-- Maria (, September 18, 2000.

HMM. I should ask if this is "actionable" or the result of an overworked civil "savant".

While I appreciated the intent, I had realized long before that Reuben was unbalanced. =============================

-- cpr (, September 18, 2000.

An old thread from December of last year.

Decker dukes it out with CPR...CPR threatens lawsuit

-- (+-=@+-=.+-=), September 18, 2000.


Speaking of "actionable", you really should put that "not intended as investment advice" disclaimer on all of the posts where you predict where oil prices are going.

Especially with your track record so far.

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), September 18, 2000.

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