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Photographers Formulary says that this developer that contains catechol and p-phenylenediamine gives extremly fine grain and a superb long tonal range. But it's expensive and I would like to hear some feedback on it before I order a kit from the US. (I live in Sweden)

Thanks for any input.

-- Patric (, September 17, 2000


I've used it and it is one of my favorite developers. Very robust, long-scale negatives with fine grain. I've used it mostly with Verichrome Pan, Ilford FP4 and a few rolls of HP5 and find the combinations very nice. Haven't used it with TMAX or Delta films so I can't comment on those combinations.

It is spectacular with Verichrome Pan. About as close to Edwal Super 20 (my all-time favorite developer, now long discontinued) as you can get with Verichrome Pan. Juicy, meaty, negatives that need a diffusion enlarger and long-scale, grade 1 to 2 paper for total tonal reproduction.

-- steve (, September 21, 2000.


Thanks for the answer! I think I will try this developer!

Do you lose any film speed with MCM-100?

-- Patric (, September 22, 2000.

I've moved my darkroom and haven't unpacked all of the B&W gear at this time - don't have access to the MCM data sheet to give you the information. I suggest emailing Photographer's Formulary, they will give you the data sheet info & you can make up your mind as to dilution vs film speed recommendations. I shoot mostly color at this time, so I don't keep the data memorized - I check the MCM data sheet prior to going out to shoot. Film speeds given are accurate and I've never had any reason to change from recommended speeds.

-- steve (, September 22, 2000.

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