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Preparation for Y2K and economic hard times: Emergency planning skills for  family self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  Includes food and water storage, wild foods foraging, healing herbs, homesteading skills.  Emergency and disaster preparedness to include nuclear fallout and radiation protection.

Rhema, a place where family emergency preparedness is a way of life.

Rhema (Greek) - Where the written word becomes life.


Table of Contents

Rhema Goals and Current Events

My Four Preparedness Books

Link to My Resource Page (60+ Practical Preparedness Reports)

Rhema Goals

I have always been fascinated with how to live off nature's bounty, food storage, how to endure a disaster or an economic depression. This interest increased during my hunting in north Alabama's hill country and a tour in Viet Nam spurred this fervent pursuit. Almost daily, I document disaster victims' survival and shortages of basic necessities.

(Photo: Emergency Preparedness - My daughter uses a pitcher pump connected to an outside faucet to pump water when there is no power or water during a disaster. Note: This arrangement will also move water horizontally from nearby water source.) [Pump Details]

During past hard times, those who planned ahead had alternatives to the local grocery store.  For example, alternate food resources and preparedness skills may be seen in two examples.

Pine Needles

If Y2K, a natural disaster or a transportation strike should interrupt the fresh fruit supply, many could suffer from scurvy and die. Yet a palatable tea made from green pine needles contains 300 percent more vitamin C than orange juice. To prepare it, cover chopped green pine needles with boiling water and let them steep for 15 minutes; then mix the liquid with sugar or use it in a soup to mask the slightly resinous taste.


During Y2K, A loss of electricity and refrigeration would cause the decay of stored animal protein sources. However, acorns can be processed to produce an alternate protein source if they are shelled and boiled in several changes of water to reduce bitterness. The result is a good usable, tasteless protein and calorie source with the consistency of a mushroom.

Many find that their initial trips to "graze" develop into an entertaining family ritual.

Morning dew

Morning dew is another example our lack of knowledge. We can only live five to seven days without water and there a many things such as Y2K that can interrupt our present convenient supply. But when there is a heavy dew in the morning, one can drag a t-shirt through the dew, wring it out and collect a quart of water every half hour.  It is truely exciting that all one needs to have is the knowledge of how to utilize what is around them.


Many of you have written asking for information on how your church and community groups can get food to distribute if there is a crisis. I'm very excited about an organization called Future Foods of Minnesota (not to be confused with a company with a similar name in Utah).

The food requires very simple preparation - just add water for a six-meal casserole. Cost of an unbelieveable $.49 per meal. [For pricing and shipping details]

For many years, I have shared my disaster preparedness and foraging experiences with  others. To that end, I offer information on my four books followed by a link to my Family Preparedness Resource page.

Today is the time to develop practical self-reliant skills. Now you can be prepared with the critical knowledge needed concerning your future. - Ken Larson

If you find a good book on a useful topic, BUY IT! If you wait it may go out of print or may be difficult or impossible to obtain when you really need it.  Author Unknown.

Four Preparedness Books By Ken Larson

(This Book Section is Followed by a link to my Family Preparedness Resource Page)

God's Free Harvest -  Successful Harvesting of Nature's Free  Wild Foods and Wild Edibles

This amazing guide is for anyone who is preparing for an uncertain future or who just appreciates and enjoys nature. God's Free Harvest will teach you how to reduce trips to the corner grocery store, garden with wild foods, learn to pick trailside snacks and just have fun while camping using wild foods for dinner.

"Someone finally wrote the book that I've been wishing for! It is obvious that many healthful foods (yes, weeds) flourish in our yards and fields without any effort on our part. They grow unattended, organically and in abundance - quite a contrast to my vegetable garden. I have often yearned to know enough to take advantage of God's Free Harvest. I have spiked our taco salad with nutritious amaranth leaves and lamb's quarters leaves and nobody was the wiser, so I know it works." Latter-day Family Resources

With God's Free Harvest, You  Learn to:

With God's Free Harvest you will find that wild edibles are free, nutritious, natural, organic and they grow unattended outside your backdoor. Wild Foods are thoroughly explained and well illustrated with full page photographs that can open a whole new world of foraging in the outdoors, survival knowledge and just fun for you and your children.  

If Y2K does occur, what a blessing to provide free food for your family and have plenty left over to barter for other goods and medical services!

God's Free Harvest - Successful Harvesting of Nature's Free Wild Foods and Wild Edibles - 232 Pages. 53 photos and 41 illustrations. $12.95

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Becoming Self-Reliant - How to be Less Dependent on Society and  the Government

As we look at our world today and Y2K, our future seems uncertain. We have indeed lost many of the "basics" and skills known and practiced by our forefathers. We have become dependent on a very fragile system which is generally not operated in our best interest.

With Becoming Self-Reliant, You Are Taught:

"You have opened up a new world of preparedness information. As we know, knowledge removes fear and that is what Becoming Self Reliant is all about. An excellent blueprint and immediately useful for a family's future survival." - Martin Sorenson - Missouri

There is a need to return to a respectful knowledge of the land, learning self-reliance skills, use of alternate food resources and to frugal practices of  foraging wild foods, food storage, storing consumable goods and barter items. Now you have the tools to be ready!

Becoming Self-Reliant - How to be Less Dependent on Society and the Government - 232 pages. 65 photos plus many illustrations. - $12.95

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Nuclear Emergency - How to Protect Your Family from Nuclear Radiation, Fallout and Terrorism

While the number of countries with nuclear weapons capability is growing, we are led to believe that the danger of a strategic attack on the United States may have diminished.

I recently talked to a Radiological Consultant and he said: "It is common knowledge that there will be nuclear terrorism acts, we just do not know how soon or where they will occur."

With the Book Nuclear Emergency, You Are Taught:

A nuclear war's radiation fallout between two other countries, an accidental launching, a major accident at a nuclear weapons storage facility, a nuclear power plant meltdown or a terrorist action using a tactical device are all possibilities. You now have a unique guide on what could happen and how simple it is to respond. This knowledge and shelter design information can save your life and protect your family from any future radiation exposure!

Nuclear Emergency - How to Protect Your Family from Nuclear Radiation, Fallout and Terrorism - 144 pages and 52 photos plus many illustrations.  $10.95

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Nature's Free Pharmacy - Home Herbal Remedies Using Nature's Free Wild Herbs and Wild Foods

Wild herbs are not new. For many years, herbs have been used to remedy a wide range of health problems and to maintain good health.

Modern medicine is taking another look at how herbal remedies really work with no side effects. During Y2K, there may be a time when there is no doctor available. All the herbs covered in this book  are found growing wild and are also edible as a free food resource.

With God's Free Harvest, you learned what was edible and how to identify it. With Nature's Free Pharmacy, you will know the medicinal and healing power of the same plants!

With Nature's Free Pharmacy, You Will Learn How to:

Finding and cultivating wild herbs requires no more effort than simply letting nature take its course. Now learn how home remedies made from free wild herbs can help keep you stay well and be able to barter or sell herbal remedies.

Nature's Free Pharmacy - Home Herbal Remedies Using Nature's Free Wild Herbs and Wild Foods - 40 illustrations. 160 pages. $10.95

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Wild Foods, Foraging and Wilderness Survival
Self-Sufficiency, Y2K and Homesteading
Disaster and Emergency Orientation
Nuclear Radiation and Fallout Protection
Health and Nature's Healing Herbs

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