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Media attention is heightening regarding Y2K. This ring contains sites that will help the average family gather the information they need to prepare. It will contain sites on personal preparation as well as information. If you are not sure what you should be doing for your loved ones, come visit - help is just a click away.

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The Todd Wood Cookstove
The Todd wood cookstove keeps you fed and warm in emergency situations. Beautiful porcelain w/nickel trim, water reservoir, overhead warming cabinets......all at one low price. More stove for your dough!

Nude World
ONly nude stuff

Y2K Event
The Findhorn Group is a group of concerned friends, neighbors, and relatives who have provided some common sense solutions and tips to potential Y2K related problems and how to solve them.

Millennial Goods
Millennial Goods is helping you prepare for the year 2000 transition with the best products and prices, and will supply your independence and sustainable living needs well into the next Millennium!

Y2K Survival Kit and cold weather emergency guide
Guide to Y2K Survival. 12 tips to help you survive a winter emergency.

Alaskans Preparing for Y2K
Website and message board to meet the preparedness needs of Alaska Residents: We must consider preparedness a necessity rather than an option. Our states heavy reliance upon air, sea, and land shipments for food and supplies, so disruptions to the trasportation industry alone could result in hards

y2k preparedness and how to get ready
y2k preparedness guide. how to prepare for disaster with a list of things you will need.

FREE Generator Multi-Fuel Plans!
FREE plans to convert any engine to multi-fuel use. Lower emissions and longer runtime or MPG. Car and truck conversions also available.

Last Days Prophecy
Warning about the y2k and bible prophecy..

Life Essentials
Y2k preparation. Reasonably priced food with a short turnaround.

Y2K: Ready or Not? A Handbook & Resource Guide
Prepare for the Year 2000 crisis in a concise and economical, common sense approach with Y2K Ready or Not? A Handbook & Resource Guide. The most up to date book of its kind features hard-hitting facts, possible scenarios, and easy-to-follow recommendations and solutions.

HDS Systems - the Action Light
The Action Light is designed to keep on providing light no matter how bad things get. Drops, high impact loads, hot, cold, wet, mud, sand -- the Action Light just takes it all in stride. And the Action Light will run for hours on nearly dead batteries so you can get back to%2

Y2K How To Be Prepared
Advice on how to prepare for Y2K and the year 2000. Heaven tells us how to be prepared for disasters. What foods to stock up on and what the last days might bring. Christians be prepared for the Tribulations.

Y2K-Are you ready? & The Links
~~~Y2K-Includes a page of possible problems to ponder & then a page of very Informative Links!~~~ (The rest of our site includes: Stock Info, Personal Photo Album, Book, Music, & Movie Reviews, Animal Lovers Pages, Games etc.)

Y2K Credit Check
This site allows you to check your credit report online in 60 seconds. Everyone is being advised to get a copy of their credit report before the end of the year. If your files get get corrupted it could come in real handy.

Central New Jersey Y2k Community Preparedness
For people interested in personal and community preparedness in the Central New Jersey area.

A Reliable Backup Water supply; Electrical Power, and P
Can you get water by powering your well pump with your 12-volt car battery? Can your gas hog generator power your house on about a quart of gasoline a day? Visit our website and see the products that will allow you to do this, and MORE at your place!

Sorbent Systems
For disaster preparedness, including year 2000, look no further than

Long Life Food Depot
Ready-to-eat individual serving pouches are the correct mealtime solution for emergencies, Y2K, and outdoor adventures. Who will have time to rehydrate or learn new cooking techniques in time of emergency? Our food has NO prep time. It is ready to eat right out of the pouch, no co

Year 2000: Separating the Hype from the Reality
An objective and rational source for information regarding the Y2K problem. This site contains quotes, links, free software and other useful material.

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-- Doomzies-Be-Them (, September 17, 2000


try it again..........LET IT "SINK IN"......524 WEB SITES ***for FANATICS********.....TO "SPREAD THE WORD".

-- Doomzies-Be-Them (, September 17, 2000.

I realize that you probably won't listen to this, but I feel I must try anyway. CPR, you are not a hero who has saved the country from the menace of the "doomers". There never was such a menace. It is completely imaginary. You are a real estate salesman with no "special powers". You are completely unimportant except to yourself and your friends, if you have any. Your delusions of grandeur and your delusions of persecution indicate that you are seriously ill and need help right away ... before you start acting out your fantasies in "real life" and hurt yourself or someone else. Please seek counseling immediately, for everyone's sake.

-- ABC (a@b.c), September 17, 2000.

Hey, thanks for the neat link to Nude World.

-- Natureist (CPR@is.a.pathetic.jerk), September 17, 2000.

Really. The link to "Nude World" is the best thing cpr's ever posted (and makes a lot more sense, too).

But if there are 524 web sites on this subject, cpr's going to have to really speed it up to make himself a royal pest on the other 523. Or have we alone been blessed with his undivided attention?

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), September 17, 2000.

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