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Now I know where most of the posters come from after reading this little article. This is not the libertarian party I remember from the early 80's when I was more politically aware..LINK

I find Libertarians the most selfish people on this Earth. They care about nothing at all but their money, their guns and their absolute right to their money and their guns. They care not one lick about society or anyone in it, proved conclusively by their incessant screaming not about less taxes but no taxes, yelling not about less gun controls but no gun controls.

No personal income taxes whatsoever is at the top of their party platform. My speech on this issue is real short: If you don't want to pay taxes get the fuck out of here pal -- go to Bosnia, Somalia, Rwanda or Beirut where your ideas are a reality rather than just pipe dreams.

Second on their platform is the full legalization of all drugs including heroin, cocaine, crack and crank. The numbers of people who would fall into this snow heap would overwhelm every city in this country to an extent never before experienced. Within months there would be literally millions of kids and screwed up nitwits perceiving existence only as where and when their next line or puff came. Ten's of millions more would be buying and trying cocaine within weeks; the hopeless lower class, the bored middle class, college students, the sometime partiers, and horny Dudes using it to get laid. Adding a 10% addiction/dependency rate to the millions of afore mentioned kids and nitwits. This would be the beginning of what the Libertarians are after, the destruction of society and overthrow of the United States Government by handgun and assault rifle.

Third on the Looneytarian platform is an intense overwhelming gun waving that makes the NRA look like a gun control organization. My God, these people are gunloons from Hell. They want full automatic weapons in hand at all times with hand grenades, claymores and rocket launchers strapped to their coveralls and .50 caliber machine guns mounted on their cars.

The leader of the Libertarian Party in the 80's and who was instrumental in making it America's Third Party (also their Presidential candidate at the time) was Ron Paul, a Republican congressman from Freeport, Texas and an unyielding Pro-Lifer. In the Spring of 88' when Pat Robertson lost the Michigan primary and was knocked out of the presidential run, an estimated 200,000 Right-wing Fundamentalist Robertson followers joined the Libertarian Party ranks.

The biggest floor fights in their conventions are over abortion, in the past it was left blank in their platform but now by a narrow margin they include a pro-Choice statement. Watching this particular fight I finally began to understand. That it is not liberty that drives the libertarian mentality, but just the base selfishness of Social Darwinism. After all, besides the death penalty and physical incarceration, there could be no greater government intrusion in this nation than forcing women to have children they do not want.

Also keep in mind that their two greatest heroes today are David Koresh, an insane cop-killing rapist, child molester and arms dealer who said he was God, and Randy Weaver, a cop-killing arms dealer aligned with the Aryan Nations. The attraction to Weaver is not only the guns, but be sure to understand that the Libertarian Party is against all Civil Rights legislation and adheres completely with David Duke, the KKK and the Aryan Nations on legislation concerning race.

A few years back in my cyberspace travels I happened upon the National Libertarian Echo, I asked the question: "How do you rationalize "libertarian" to your leader being Pro Life and the influx of a quarter of your membership from Pro-Life Pat Robertson Fundamentalists?" I received the answer the following day through my local access point who informed me my message had been deleted and I was banned from the system. Banned I might add, faster than I had ever been banned from any system in 10 years (including Christian Fundamentalist and NAZI/Aryan systems).

It was also a real eye opener to watch the most disgusting right-wing bigot, homophobe, racist, anti-Semite, and the person who has left me the most point blank death threats on any network, leave a message in August of '92 say that as the Republican Party and conservative ideology were no longer viable with his extreme right-wing views, that he was immediately joining the Libertarian Party and would vote Libertarian from that day forward. That was the final straw. There was no longer any doubt in my mind at all. Libertarians were just what I had assumed they were, anarchists and right-wing lunatics who have fallen so far off the deep end, they deny liberty in the name of liberty even more blatantly than the conservatives.

Take your standard right-wing lunatic, remove the issues of sex and religion, add a double dose of selfish callous disregard, stir in a gun waving madness putting even the NRA to shame, mix in a seething hatred of the Federal government, toss in a few ship containers of legalized crack and crank and you got Looneytarians.

Ideology: The Libertarian mindset stems from an obsessive adolescent hatred of authority in any manner, the inability to speak or write a sentence without a reference to the 2nd Amendment, and of course the gun toting social and economic anarchy they wish upon the land.

Issues: Top four: The elimination of the IRS and income taxes, States Rights, the full legalization of all drugs, and no gun controls at all.

Heroes: Randy "Niggers and Jews should be deported or shot" Weaver, the racist arms dealer and cop killer from Ruby Ridge and David "Give me your wife, a little girl to screw and a baby to beat, for I am God" Koresh, the Branch Davidian cop and child killer.

Support: The NRA, the Posse Comitatis, the American Spectator, the CATO Institute and Right-wingers gone off the deep end.

Abortion: It is estimated that over 40% of Libertarians are Pro life. Keep in mind what the powerless Federal government they advocate will allow the States to do with this issue.

Civil Rights: The civil, equal and human rights women and minorities have gained have been from the Federal Government, without it, many or most would have no vote and would still be bought for dowries or picking cotton as slaves in Alabama. Again, keep in mind what a powerless Federal government will allow the States to do with this issue.

Gay Rights: Where must gays and lesbians go to gain redress for discrimination against them? Libertarians may sound tolerant on specific issues in this matter, but again, think what gun toting anarchy will gain the homosexual community.

Environment: No federal regulations. This alone will decimate America to literally look like Mad Max - Thunder Dome.

Beware: Look what decentralization of federal power has accomplished in Somalia, Lebanon, Rwanda, Bosnia and much of Eastern Europe. Anarchy, religious/ethnic civil war and genocide.

Long ago as an acne faced juvenile without a clue, I read Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand) one summer and literally fell apart. The government was all bad, society was all bad, all that mattered was the individual's right to market what they pleased at any price they wished and to make as much money as possible without any government interference. Nothing else mattered, the political parties were all the same, the existing ideologies were no different from one another, left and right, up and down, and white and black were all equal. I even sent for a WHO IS JOHN GALT? bumper sticker. Luckily for me that Teenybooperism dissipated as I read more books, my acne cleared and I grew up. Sadly, Libertarians have not as yet made that transition, squeeze one and most of what you get is pimple puss and gun oil.

If you wish to understand what Libertarians want and are about, just go down to your local movie rental house and grab up a couple MAD MAX movies.

-- y2k dave (, September 29, 1999


y2k dave,

Want some cheese with that whine?

-- (, September 29, 1999.

While I have had my own reservations about the opinions of some who refer to themselves as Libertarians, I am overwhelmed by the hysterical statist ranting reflected above, as well as by its wildly inaccurate claims. I'm delighted, Y2K Dave, that you were able at one time to read some of Ayn Rand's works; perhaps some follow-up with the original text of the Constitution and The Federalist Papers (as a clear reflection of INTENT in that Constitution) is indicated. Does your tone suggest that you are afraid that Y2K will prove a 7+ event and that your heavily centralized Federal government will not survive? Is liberty that frightening a concept for you?

-- Paul Urquhart (, September 29, 1999.

-- Doomzies-Be-Them (, September 17, 2000

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