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-- Political Analyst (analyzing@his.brain), September 17, 2000


??? POLITICAL ANALYST ?? From which PLANET? Even MORK knows better.

I think we should spray for Liberals monthly and Leftists like "brianbrainless" here should be sent in White Buses to a real job like boxing up cheap goods in a Mexican Border factory. There he would meet people who would kill themselves to get their kids any education that Americans take for granted.

I took the "what are you?" test and came out "MODERATE LIBERTARIAN CONSERVATIVE" and I throw in John 3:16 and the fact I'm a Feminist/civil rights, personal freedom thought free enterprise advocate. albore's partner in crime started as a deep LEFTIST and moderated to get the Ct. Moderate Votes and get the State's "Jewish Seat".

We haven't seen two LEFTISTS of the same ilk since the Days when Hubert the Hump danced the Give It All Away Polka with Javits. Senator "cleaned" is just another West Side NYC LEFTIST planted in Ct.

That means anyone to the left of William Buckley Jr. is HIGHLY SUSPECT and anyone who is a captive of the LEFTISTS like albore and Senator "clean" needs to be opposed *automatically*.

Senator "clean" and albore /tipper proved it again by racing to the Media with statements condemning the EBIL "Hollywood" and calling for more GOVERNMENT "controls" (READ LESS FREEDOM THROUGH MORE **CENSORSHIP***).

-- cpr (, September 17, 2000.

I wouldn't take your political test results very seriously, CPR. They only apply to people who are at least reasonably sane.

-- ABC (a@b.c), September 17, 2000.

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