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I have one simple question, to all who read. And you have to read the whole question, before you spout you view. How come, esculuting gasoline prices did not emerge until a few months ago? Some talk about the increased demand, what increased demand? Did our earthly population suddenly quadriple? Not here, we are down to 2.2 children. So what is the cause? Eupope, South America, I thrown this to all the winds of this earth. Are you over using your share? I think not. So make your voice be heard...

-- sureinsight (, September 17, 2000


ET it simply doesn't make sense for you to try to hide yourself behind an anon. Trust me on this. Anyway, my vote is for the Eupope.

-- (, September 17, 2000.

That is a sad think this person as asking a question and they were not me. I am ET, this person isn't shame on you!

-- ET (, September 18, 2000.

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