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I can't fight bots.

-- Et (, September 17, 2000


YOU DON"T DO SO GOOD WITH...........**REALITY** EITHER. Don't forget to renew your Gareee Duct Tape subscriptions, a bit from BS artist McElvaney and please to stay in touch with Hyatt and Dear Sincere Lord Jimbo.

-- cpr (, September 17, 2000.

I hesitate to answer, but CPR has lost it, proud and true.

I may not be here for a while, someone tell me when he is gone.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 17, 2000.


There's the creep talking to himself again.

Apparently this feeble-minded spineless coward was so frightened by the possible scenarios spelled out by Gary North that he has gone completely schizo. It must have been very traumatic for the nervous little twit.

Here it is 9 months after the rollover, nothing bad happened, and yet he still goes into a screaming rage of denial everytime he hears mention of any person even having thoughts of anything but a perfect little fairytale experience.

Talk about not being able to handle reality! Sheesh, get this man a rubber room!

-- (cpr@can't.cope), September 17, 2000.


See my thread, and come on over rover.

Till creep is done taking over....

-- consumer (, September 17, 2000.

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