CPR, I suppose it may be time to post some more MIS-LEADERS, and some Quotably Quoteds...

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What do you think?

Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (andyman633@hotmail.com), September 16, 2000


There are just SO MANY of them that it could be 2007 before I would run out. YOU could just pick one a day off sTinkBomb2000 I and last until 2011. By 2005, Garee and the Gang will be writing about the "c_Time Problem" that will "bring all financial programs to a halt" by 2037.

There will be a whole crop of new Doom Zombies lead by the "experienced ones" like Big Puppet and Diane Shift Happens. SyssyBoy will have learned and he will stock up on extra latex panties so he can change often as he and Shakey keep posting "Its not 2037 yet" and "It can't be fixed" ".

King of Spain will be VERY unhappy. He will be one of the few that VIAGRA CAN'T HELP. -Then IT Will learn to be really nice to Females. LOLOLOL

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), September 16, 2000.

NEWS! Exclusive! NR breaks the the scandal:

CPR and Gary North are secret lovers. CPR be da bitch!

-- (AceReporter@National.Enquirer), September 16, 2000.

I read this you have got to be kidding, No one really thinks like this not in the real world.

-- ET (bneville@zebra.net), September 16, 2000.


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I just had a realization. I think I know what's going on with cpr.

Getting doomers on TB I the highest quality information possible about y2k was never a high priority for cpr. In fact, cpr recently explained it this way --


As for "frothings", since the early days of BIFFY, everything was done to evoke exactly the reaction I wanted. I.E.: to incite and infuritate the assorted pressure group leaders of Y2k BULLSHIT.

Notice again what cpr said at the beginning of this thread --


What I think happened is in order to convince y2k speakers like Peter de Jager they did not need to raise awareness about y2k any further, cpr began collecting statements by those who were starting to treat y2k as a survivalist issue. These collected statements would show the de Jager's of y2k the danger of continued cautionary talk about y2k and might even persuade them to say some optimistic words about the subject.

These collected statements on y2k were originally the most extreme ones cpr could find, and he sent them to newspapers hoping editors would understand it was now their obligation to reassure the public. Cpr was never interested in a fact-based debate about y2k; he wanted to infuriate people who prepared for y2k so he could show others how much extremism was connected with y2k.

Fast forward to 2000.

People who prepared for y2k find out they didn't need to. Cpr takes his files on people and begins posting them on this forum. At first he gets many compliments from those who had joined his cause. But then a problem develops.

Cpr reaches a point where he has said everything he can possibly say about y2k and has already commented on what he considers to be the juiciest examples of y2k extremism. Andy Ray reached this point a few months ago and began receiving more criticism than before because the juicier quotes were used up and Andy was more and more quoting individuals who never had been in a position to cause the public panic about y2k.

Fortunately, Andy Ray had the sense to stop.

Running low on 'juicy' material is one reason cpr is getting more criticism. The other reason is the seemingly unending rudeness from him--his incite and infuriate mode which now seems to be permanently on. Unfortunately, cpr is interpreting this increasing criticism of him as either proof the y2k meme Gary North started is still alive, or that his theory Ed Yourdon had paid shills is true and they're behind the criticism.

I can understand cpr not liking Gary North. I can understand that cpr was trying to prevent a panic he thought was possible. The time of possible panic is now over though. There are no more de Jager's and newspaper editors who need to be convinced in order to prevent panic. It's September, 2000.

Cpr, y2k is really and truly over. Be yourself. You can turn off your incite and infuriate mode now. Talk to us as you would to people at social functions you attend.

Remember, we all didn't sell our homes, quit our jobs and build a bunker out in the middle of nowhere. In fact, few of us did. It's time you acknowledge these things and move on. Most of us have known for months that y2k is over and have moved on ourselves.

-- a (voice@of.reason), September 15, 2000.

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-- a (point@worth.repeating), September 16, 2000.

I don't think like any of the people you have put forward. I only Think It Is Right to share with all people, In All Thingts created by the people.

-- ET (bneville@zebra.net), September 16, 2000.

I don't think like any of the people you have put forward. I only Think It Is Right to share with all people, In All Thingts created by the people. --ET (bneville@zebra.net), September 16, 2000.

AND YOU ARE..........???

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), September 17, 2000.

Your mamma!!!!!

-- (voice of reason@sure.not), September 17, 2000.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), September 17, 2000.

You shouldn't have encouraged an obsessive, Andy Ray.

-- (OCD@is.debilitating), September 18, 2000.

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