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The Kodak D-25 formula seems interesting. Has anyone here tried this developer with films like Plus-X and Tri-X? If so, how was the results?

By the way, does anyone have the formula for Microdol-X? It would be interesting to know and compare with other fine grain developers.

-- Patric (, September 16, 2000


I have no experience with it, but it is simply a variant of D-23 with 15 grams of sodium bisulphite added. An old formulary says it gives finer grain and lower contrast than D-23.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, September 17, 2000.

Hmmmm, maybe MCM-100 is the developer to use for me. They say it gives extremly fine grain and a long tonal range with Tri-X. Must look for feedback on this developer. Can't find any on the net.

-- Patric (, September 17, 2000.

The formula for Microdol-X is given in the 'Photochemistry' column in the Sept/Oct 2000 PHOTO Techniques magzine - my favorite read.

-- John R. Fowler (, September 17, 2000.

Yikes! Please email the formula to me! Pleeeeaaase! :-)

-- Patric (, September 17, 2000.

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