Kodak B-C Flasholder?

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Hi everyone,

I recently fell into ownership of a Kodak B-C Flasholder. It has a strange cable sync cable (not a PC style plug that I would expect), and it uses a 22.5 volt (?) battery.

Can anyone glean some information of what this may have been used for? None of my Brownies have the proper socket to use a flash like this.

-- Mike

-- Michael Helms (mike@mikehelms.org), September 16, 2000


Flasholder Connection

Many Kodak cameras have a bayonet (push & twist) connector on the shutter housing for flash, the Bantam RF http://user.itl.net/~kypfer/828/bantamrf.htm and Six-20 Kodak A http://user.itl.net/~kypfer/620/620kodak_a.htm spring to mind immediately.

-- Chris Eve (kypfer@itl.net), September 18, 2000.

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