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On what ragas are the followiing songs based? 1.Nirpadhuvae,Nadappadhuvae... 2.Mayilpoalae... 3.Ninnaich charannaindhen... (hamsaanandhi? if not, any close relation with hamsaanandhi?) 4.Bhaaratha samudhaayam... 5.Vandhae Maatharam...

I'm very much interested in knowing about ragas in cine music (particularly Illayaraja's compositions).If any one is ready to answer my queries and accept me as his(her) friend, I'll be grateful. In the reply, please mention if I can mail more questions.

-- R.Arun (, September 16, 2000


You may find your answers in the following web page.


-- Vivek (, October 17, 2000.


I've replied on your email id, so you can check that. I'd love to join and discuss on music, raagams and songs...

Regds, Urmila

-- Urmila (, December 11, 2001.

Even I would be interested to join such discussions on music particularly identifying the ragas of the cine anybody whose interested can mail me so that we can form a group& share our views.

regards :) Natarajan G

-- Natarajan G (, May 29, 2002.

Ilaiyaraja's songs can be found at the following site.

-- (, May 29, 2002.

The database of some ragas in tamil film songs are in the following website.

Im very much interested in classic music and playing songs in keyboard, we can discuss often.

Hema Ramesh

-- Hema Ramesh (, July 06, 2002.

Hi, I am more interested in finding out the ragas on which cine songs are composed on. I am playing keyboard for the last one year. I got few ideas that I can share with, as well.

If Anyone is interested, pl. feel free to contact me so that we can share our views, ideas. Nagaraj

-- Nagaraj (, January 01, 2003.

Dear Arun,

Nirpathuvae nadappathuvae is in ragam Kalyani. Other songs I don't know. In fact I want to create a database of tamil film songs ragamwise starting from G.Ramanathan till date. We can use this forum to do the same. Let us begin with Kalyani then. Can we try listing songs in Kalyani? Pl. provide song name, film as well as music director's name.



-- N.Ramesh (, June 26, 2003.

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