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September 16, 2000

Cabinet's fuel fury at farmers


CABINET ministers yesterday vented their fury at the "dangerous game" being played by what they believe are politically motivated fuel protesters. Last night around two thirds of petrol stations remained closed and there were fears that demand from motorists could swiftly empty those that have reopened.

In an insight into the anger felt by many ministers, David Blunkett hit out at "grumbling" farmers who receive "massive reductions" for diesel. "48p a litre cheaper isn't bad. Nor is the recollection that they weren't at the forefront of bemoaning the collapse of the steel industry or the pits or the ship industry or textiles. Let's get a bit of perspective," the Education and Employment Secretary said. He added: "It wasn't, after all, city dwellers who were responsible for losing the nation #20 million through the fiasco of BSE."

The National Farmers' Union said Mr Blunkett's remarks were neither "helpful nor true": "One would expect a maturer response from a government minister."

The crisis has rattled Labour with many ministers feeling they have been held to ransom by a right-wing conspiracy.

Margaret Beckett, the Leader of the Commons, said: "They are people who believe Labour ought not to be in power."

-- Carl Jenkins (, September 15, 2000


Why blame it on the farmers. As I understand it, many elements of Brtish society were involved.

-- Uncle Fred (, September 15, 2000.

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