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SInce your introduction leads the question of altered states of consciousness, ....etc... I am researching for information on the practice of bdsm...which most consider taking a relationship to a heightened level through power exchanges.... is there any information in the transpersonal psychology/conciousness arena that may help me gain an understanding of how the mind/relationship is viewed in a bdsm situation?


-- sandy (, September 15, 2000


Heh, Grof has a few things to say about sadomasochism in 'Beyond the Brain', specifically how it relates to perinatal matrix no.3, 'volcanic ecstasy'... its a bit complicated to explain here so I suggest you read the book.

Other than that Roger Woolgers 'Past Lives, Many Selves' has some interesting things about power relationships and how they may constitute a re-enaction of old karmic patterns.

I'm sure that Woolgers book would also explain a lot about sexuality and gender issues too (eg transexuality)... be interested in anyones thoughts about this, its a side that 'spiritual therapists' etc seem dubious about getting into...

-- Daniel Fox (, October 21, 2000.

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