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Crude near $36 as of 4:30 p.m. CPR, you're such an idiot savant, why not tell us "WHAT IT ALL MEANS". We're all just DYING to hear your sage wisdom (NOT).


-- Yeah Right (Ahh@Haa.haa.haa), September 15, 2000


Try again

-- Yeah Right (Ahh@Haa.haa.haa), September 15, 2000.

END of the Contract Life. (3 bus. days before the 25th). SHORT SQUEEZE.

Note also that Unleaded Gas is BELOW its high of last week.


-- cpr (, September 15, 2000.



Who in the world would be silly enough to be short crude oil in this mark... er, never mind.

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), September 15, 2000.

I thought a "Short Squeeze" was what you call CPR whacking off.

-- Charlie's a Clown (@ .), September 15, 2000.

Unleaded sure as hell isn't below it's high of last week at the pumps, o impotent one!

-- Gas User (-@why.oh.mighty.cpr?), September 16, 2000.

O noble prophet CPR, please tell us when our at-the-pump prices will start heading back down.

-- Lurker2 (-@prophet.or.profit), September 17, 2000.

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