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Please can I ask as many of you as possible to respond to the Housing Section at "Speakers Corner" on the Number 10 website. This can be found at This is just one more tool to bring our plight to the attention of others.

Many thanks Sue Gates

-- sue gates (, September 15, 2000


This is a great idea. Believe me, all this sort of publicity works, whether it be via the media or through parliamentary channels. It is possible to build up momentum and help to tip the balance of power away from the lenders and towards joe public, especially where there is clear evidence of harm being done to real, ordinary people and their families. And there *are* some very sympathetic MPs.

-- Eleanor Scott (, September 15, 2000.

A great idea I agree. Yesterday I went to the site to add some comments and thoughts but was unable to. When trying to register, as you have to, all I got was that my name contained invalid characters! I looked for someway to contact the site admin people to let them know but found nothing.

I will try again in the future.

-- Matt (, November 17, 2000.

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