Ken Decker, here's a classic example for you : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

Here's a classic example of how far apart the doomers and debunkers were, yet so close in each other's opinions of one another. Don't you find the following rather caustic? Since they want to beat a dead horse, we should help them. It's apparent who the nut cases are now. Chicken Little asked the question why this forum keeps arguing over the past. Doesn't look like anyone gave he/she a good answer.

Re: An Author Writes: Have I Described You Correctly? Please Comment. Urgent Book Deadline.

Posted by Doc Paulie on September 28, 1999 at 23:46:52:

In Reply to: An Author Writes: Have I Described You Correctly? Please Comment. Urgent Book Deadline. posted by Marianne Michaels on September 28, 1999 at 19:09:06:


In a nutshell, nice work. And a style I found readable and enjoyable.

Now as far as describing me(we), i.e. polly types, hit and miss. I think what you are missing is we here represent MOST people now. The gap you seem to think exists, does not. This is no scale. The doom believers are extremists. These kooks have created a divide where none exists. These folks are in the twilight zone. Anyone +4 or higher on a doom-scale "expects" a major depression-ala 1929 or worse. This is utter stupidity in my not so humble opinion. Most on the glum boards are +4 and higher, many are 6 and higher, and have not wavered in months or years in some cases. Some are even joyusly predicting (expecting) the deaths of millions and even BILLIONS of human beings around the globe. This is their deliverance from a world they see as out-of-control and overdue for a genetic cleansing. What is out-of-control is their own spiritual divide which has now become a mental illness.

Now as far as Doc Paulie, I am of the belief most of this Y2k issue is a ruse, anoverblown much to do about nothing for the huge majority. As I said before, If Madison Avenue is using Y2k as humor, what other evidence does one need really? Issue is for nutcases, mentally ill people. You may claim many do not know about Y2k, and thus believe it an issue only understood with study, I would say you are wrong largely. If Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel thinks Y2k a laughter, how do non-technical folks think they know better? Most technical types have given up laughing all together now and simply roll-their-eyes. If Y2k were anywhere close to what the sickos promote, where is the mass exodus out of these at risk and ready to implode, businesses, governmental agencies and the like? This alone is evidence enough Y2k a major yawner and NOT even about a 2 digit computer glitch. The start of Y2kawareness was within the Tech field. Add the internet and you have what is known as y2k.

Your analysis of web fora and free speech is mostly accurate. With regards Y2k, you seem to have missed the memetic component as described by Aaron Lynch in his essay the Millennium Contagion. This work is monumental. The internet has unleashed memes(mind viruses)in a fashion never seen before. When history is written, Y2k will be referenced as the first major incident of surreal Contagion infection over the internet. We have had the Michelangelo Virus, but Y2k has eclipsed this by miles. Y2k is many things, but none more than a fixation with the Millennium. Many issues have profiteers driving them, Y2k has had the extra push of a mental virus, known as memes. The roll-out of the EURO last January, lacked this critical component. In many regards, the EURO was far more technically difficult, and flies right into the New World Order hysteria, and was a still a complete no-show everywhere. To not include any refrence to the Millennium Contagion is to basically miss the entire picture.

I do recognize some of my thoughts in your piece and glad I could contribute. I will tell you without any hesistation, we have here at this webboard the only TRUE EXPERTS on this issue. Our collective record sits on the Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot webboard for all to see. All there, all the correct predictions months in advance. All the bit-by-bit deconstruction of this issue. The "heavy lifting" passed months ago. Some brave souls have spent months on usenet and other fora answering the NOISE besides GNBFI. Months ago we were alone, not anymore. Only thing left now is the scattering of the nuts which has been ongoing now for about 4 months and is increasing. Left in the wake are piles of wasted money on fixes(?)which according to the latest Cap Gemini study indicates they have made a whopping 12% diferrence. However, the bottom-line is none of it matters anyhow, the point basically. The BEEF never showed as the 12 EXPERTS here predicted way in advance and have been called all manner of slime. My life has been threatened. We have fought the fight and I say to the glums-rot in hell.

Freedom of Speech carries with it the responsibilty to verify. We have at our fingertips a resource which eliminates the excuse you don't know. Maybe able to say I do not know how, but there is no more excuse for not knowing. Most of the Glums do not want to know. This is not even their deal. They have a need and the profiteers fill this cancer with the drug of doom which they all are blindly attracting into their lives. This IS y2k, not a computer bug. An old story, ancient in fact, replayed in this a Year2000 version.

-- chilled out (chillout@chilledouttt.xcom), September 14, 2000


Guess the KLAVIN WINNER Decker didn't like this one either.

WHY is he "picking his spots" to post?? I know he didn't like this thread:


-- cpr (, September 15, 2000.

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