Looking for 1968 film "L'ICUME DES JOURS"

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I am on a year long desperate search for the film made out of the novel "L'ICUME DES JOURS" by Charles Belmont in 1968. Mystreriously -like many things among Vian- this film seems totally disappeared. Even in France.

The film was reviewed in the ALL Movie Guide and therfor must have been released as an Englich version with the (horrible) translation SPRAY OF DAYS.

If anyone would know of a video copy or could point me to a source I would GREATLY, GREATLY appreciate!!

Thankk you.

Best regards Caspar Stracke New York

-- Caspar Stracke (kasbah@thing.net), September 14, 2000


The film was re-released in Tokyo during the early 90's. I believe it was shown at the Cinema Rise in Shibuya, Tokyo. I have a program for the showing, where they printed film stills plus credits. It also includes an interview with Ursula Vian Kubler, Vian's widow. The information I have about the film: France, Eastmancolor-Franscope 1968 1 hr 46 min. Distribued by Nippon Herold Films

I too am looking for either a print or video copy. As far as I know they released the film as a video in Japan.

Best, Tosh

-- Tosh Berman (tosh@loop.com), December 15, 2000.

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