Did anyone see the Harvest Moon last night?

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It was too cloudy here. Here's a representation for others who may have missed it as well:


Under the harvest moon,

When the soft silver

Drips shimmering

Over the garden nights,

Death, the gray mocker,

Comes and whispers to you

As a beautiful friend

Who remembers.

Under the summer roses

When the flagrant crimson

Lurks in the dusk

Of the wild red leaves,

Love, with little hands,

Comes and touches you

With a thousand memories,

And asks you

Beautiful, unanswerable questions

-Carl Sandburg

-- flora (***@__._), September 14, 2000



-- Lars (lars@indy.net), September 14, 2000.

{I hope this works}

"Tristesse d'iti/ Sadness of Summer"

Le soleil, sur le sable, t lutteuse endormie,

En l'or de tes cheveux chauffe un bain langoureux

Et, consumant l'encens sur ta joue ennemie,

Il mjle avec les pleurs un breuvage amoureux.

. The sunlight on the sand, O wrestler asleep,

is heating a languorous bath in your golden hair

and, burning the incense on your enemy cheek,

it mingles an amorous potion with the tears. . De ce blanc Flamboiement l'immuable accalmie

T'a fait dire, attristie, t mes baisers peureux,

+ Nous ne serons jamais une seule momie

Sous l'antique disert et les palmiers heureux! ; .

Of this white blazing the immutable calm

(O my timid kisses!) has made you sadly wonder:

"Will we ever be one mummy under

the ancient desert and the happy palms?" .

Mais ta chevelure est une rivihre tihde,

Oy noyer sans frissons l'bme qui nous obshde

Et trouver ce Niant que tu ne connais pas. . But your thick tresses are a tepid river

to drown the soul that haunts us, without shudders,

To find this Nothingness to you unknown! Je go{terai le fard pleuri par tes paupihres,

Pour voir s'il sait donner au coeur que tu frappas

L'insensibiliti de l'azur et des pierres. .

I'll taste the rouge by your eyes overwept,

to see if it can give the heart you've whipped

the indifference of azure and of stones.

-Stiphane Mallarmi

-- flora (***@__._), September 14, 2000.

*sigh* {sorry Lars}

Nifty moon sites:

-reality moon phase pictures:




-- flora (***@__._), September 14, 2000.

"Harvest Moon" defined

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), September 14, 2000.

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