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I just did 8 loads of laundry and about 1/2 still doesn't look clean !I am getting tired of washing clothes and them not looking clean .The baby [1] is about the worst .The barn stains aren't great either .Has anyone found out any miracles ?

-- Patty Gamble (, September 13, 2000


I use a spray cleaner from wal-mart called Simple Green. I just spray it right on the stain. It is usually in the bathroom cleaner aisle. I have a friend who makes a paste of water and Bar Keepers Friend. It comes in a can like Ajax. She says it even works on rust. Good luck!

-- Mona (, September 13, 2000.

Mona , thanks .Can you apply both and leave until laundry day ?

-- Patty Gamble (, September 14, 2000.

I swear by SHOUT. Spray it and let it sit until wash day. I have a one year old who plays in the barn while I clean stalls- I can relate. I found Murphy's oil soap works well on blood stains and pen marks and won't even ruin dry clean only clothes. Manure and mud stains come out with Fells Nephtah(sp?) bar soap (we use it on racing colors).

-- Epona (, September 14, 2000.

Try using washing soda and borax. I used to have a wonderful recipe for a presoak that remove ALL stains and yellowing from baby clothes and white nylon. The way my babies spit up and made messes, I really needed it. I will try to find the recipe today. I remember that it used the washing soda and borax though. When my boys were younger, I wished I could buy Shout by the 55 gal drum and just dip every article of clothing before washing. Good Luck.

-- Cheryl Cox (, September 14, 2000.

With me ad our 10 year old, my wife wants to buy stock in simple green and gojo. The gojo does wonders on grease as a prewash. Simplegreen handles the dirt and grass stains.

-- Jay Blair (, September 14, 2000.

I use my homemade soap and a scrubbrush. To those of you that use Simple Gren. Does is have an odor, How bad chmically is it? (have to think about chemicals)

-- Cindy (, September 14, 2000.

What kind of soap are you using? I've found the one time I made homemade soap, I made up some soap jelly out of it,kept it in a pint mason jar, when I had a stain, I rub some of the soap jelly in it and it usually was gone after washing and yes you can do it and wash later, but it's best to do it and rinse it right then, if it's good clothes or something, and for stubborn one use a brush as recommended above. I'm out now and bought some shout but it doesn't work as well as my plain homemade lye soap, I need to make some more sooooon! Carol in Tx

-- Carol (, September 14, 2000.


Simple Green makes me sick but I'm allergic to pine smells and it does smell like pine.

I use Lanolin handcleaner on tough stains. Doesn't smell the greatest but get grease out. And use Borax on my whites.

-- Dee (, September 14, 2000.

Use lye soap. It even gets oil out.

-- Judy (, September 16, 2000.

I've used the same laundry detergent for years. When I first used it and those deep grass stains were gone, I was sold! And it takes care of blood and everything I've given it without pre-soaking or spraying with other products. 'Fresh Start', made by Colgate-Palmolive, in the supermarket. 1/4 cup for a full load. I have an over-sized washing machine, so I use 1/2 cup.

-- ~Rogo (, September 17, 2000.

For truly fierce stains I have used Lestoil. It even saved a favorite shirt that my ex-husband used as a shop rag (to soak up used transmission fluid) and when I found it, the only thing that was identifiable was one little corner of a sleeve.

-- Connie (, September 17, 2000.

My homemade lye soap is the best. Just wet the bar and rub it on the spot. My friends/relatives ask for my soap. DW

-- DW (, September 19, 2000.

Well I just washed the cloths I tried simply green on , and it didn't do much .I'll try the bartenders friend next.

-- Patty Gamble (, September 19, 2000.

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