Enjoying the New DeBunkie's House O' Trolls?

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I have followed this board again for a couple weeks now, and am highly amused at what it has become. I said it in months' past, and I'll say it again: this is the new DeBunkies, and has all the "stars" of the old one.

Isn't it a shame that the ravings of the DeBunkie trolls have driven away any interest in this board on the part of "regular" people.

The funniest aspect of all this is the fact that the insane CPR just can't SHUT UP AND MOVE ON. Those of us in the (former) Doomer camp have other things to do with our lives, while the likes of CPR and Andy Ray just seem "stuck" in Y2K-land.

Too funny.

So, you can all just jerk each others' chains about Y2K, and the rest of us will continue laughing at you. Who're the Y2K FREAKS now...?


I just hope Milne lurks here from time to time. The entertainment value of this board just keeps rising. Too bad the INFORMATIONAL value of it just keeps dropping.

In reality, THIS BOARD is the new "Hysterium".

-- Yeah Right (Ahhh@Haa.haa.haa), September 13, 2000





-- Doomzies-Be-Them (DoomzieDeBunking@TB2000uNCola.com), September 17, 2000.

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