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First time I've checked in here in a couple of months.....same ol' crap.

When you folks gonna get a grip with the concept of *Current Reality*??

****ANYONE**** who is still seriously arguing Y2K is **QUITE INSANE**.

Quite insane. INSANE. Look it UP.


Non compos mentis.

(I'll check back six months from now. Hope to see zero participation.)

-- Chicken Little (panic@ENUFF.GEEZ), September 13, 2000


In case you haven't noticed, no one here is panicking. We have this problem with one participant who THINKS we are panicking. He suffers from delusions. In fact you just described him... **QUITE INSANE**.

Chicken Little, meet Creeper (aka CPR)... Creeper, meet Chicken Little.

Maybe you can get it through his head CL. Have fun boys.

-- (teach@him.reality), September 13, 2000.

Jesus is DEAD! Don't you get it? DEAD! Anyone still talking about Jesus is INSANE!

WWII is over, GONE, DONE, ENDED! Can't you see that? Why do IDIOTS still discuss it? INSANITY!

The Eagles lost LAST WEEKS GAME! Get over it! Anyone who is still talking about it is QUITE NUTS!!!!

Move on, no more empty talk of things past.

Ex post facto!

(I am insane too, so I will be back in six months)

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 13, 2000.

Unk, your argument's good, but it'll fall on (C.L.'s) deaf ears. For you it, too -- alas -- is a part of the past.

-- eve (, September 13, 2000.

I understand that history repeats itself. WalMart just got a shipment in of those strange dark green steel containers. Do you suppose............

-- Aunt Doodah (, September 13, 2000.

Well I'm safe. My short-term memory is zero and my long term memory is inaccessible. Well I'm safe. My short-term memory is zero and

-- helen (b@t.t), September 13, 2000.

CL: there are now 100 posts on this thread. Perhaps you might like to read it all and see what Decker has been thinking and the responses to that and the return of the KOShixT. LINK

-- cpr (, September 13, 2000.

Since CPR starts more threads about Y2K than everyone else put together, CL, I'll assume you're mostly talking about him.

-- (Y2K@is.over), September 13, 2000.

CL, we just want what's best for our buddy, Charlie. We want him to start taking his meds again and go back into dormancy.

-- not your (neigh@borhood.chuckster), September 13, 2000.

LOL!, helen.

-- David L (, September 13, 2000.

Who's arguing? Some of us have moved on, except for those stuck in a time warp. It reminds me of my uncles rehashing WWII.

-- gilda (, September 13, 2000.

Ya who's arguing? LOL.

Insane? I am a Doctor man don't you think I would know if I were or not I mean I would mean I know, ya know?

Current reality, I like that one!

point taken anyhow Chicken, thanks.

-- Doc Paulie (, September 14, 2000.

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