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I tried to grow potatoes for the first time this year. I used the hay mulching system--or so I thought--and got not a single potato. I had green stems and leaves but nothing is under the hay. The stems and leaves died back about 3-4 weeks ago. Did I do something wrong? Like mulch too deeply, plant the potatoes wrong side down? Could someone walk me through the proper way to plant potatoes using this system, tell me how much hay to pile on and when? I'd surely appreciate it.


-- Corinne (, September 12, 2000


It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, which leads me to believe the problem was with your seed potatoes. Where did you get then and how were they prepared prior to planting?

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, September 13, 2000.


I bought them at our local hardware store. Not a mega chain, but locally owned. I cut them a couple of days before I planted them and planted only those with eyes. I put a layer of topsoil down, placed the potatoes eyes up on the soil, covered with a little peat moss and then put on 4-6" of hay. When I saw any green sticking up above the hay, I layered more hay on until the green plant was covered.



-- Corinne (, September 14, 2000.

Hi - we read your potatoe question and had several answers: 1) could be your soil had too much nitrogen - in other words too fertile. Potatoes do not like a lot of nitrogen. 2) also possible you hay mulched too deeply. My hubbie believes that from what you describe the first answer is what actually happened. He is studying now but when he has an opportunity he will give you instructions on using Ruth Stout's hay system. We have used it and it works!! We have had potatoes in winter in the ground-- not frozen, just in storage for eating when you feel like going to get some. Of course we have milder winters here too. Take Care..Carmen

-- Carmen Pape (, September 16, 2000.

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