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I'm looking for help or advice on land workouts for a young novice crew (high school). Rowing I can coach, but fitness programs are not my forte. KJ.

-- KJ (, September 12, 2000


The book Serious Training for Endurance Athletes should answer all of your questions. You can buy it from the following link: ing

-- Ralph Chappell (, October 31, 2000.

KJ --

Hehe, why I'm about to help potential competition I'm not quite sure (Just kidding) I was in a young novice crew last year, this year of course I'll be a junior. But our workouts are the same each year, and we placed 2nd at Schoolboys last year, so our coach must be doing somthing right. anyways:

In the winter, from Nov thru April we have a 6-day workout week.

Each day is a different workout.. 1) A 45-60 Minute run, preferably outside

2) Ergometer Workouts -- Try pyramids (they help build some serioud endurance) Depending of the fitness of your crew to start, try varying stroke rates at 1,2,3,2,1 minute intervals.

3) Light Weight lifting -- This includes barbels, maybe around 40 lbs, always go for lots of reps and light weight amounts. Rowing is an endurance sport not so much a strength sport.

4) Machine Weights -- Our school has a workout room, any gym/excersise type place will do, but you'll need to use machines for this workout... Military Press, Lat Pulls, Leg Extensions, Hamstring curls, bench press, also include in this crunches (sit-ups)

5) Gym Circuit -- This is about 20 stations, each station repeated twice, different reps of each excersise can be decided by you depending again on the fitness level for your crew. a) Bench hops b) Burpees c) Push-ups d) Sit-ups e) Bench Dips f) Step ups (with a bench, just step up and step down -- that would count as 1) g) Jumping Jacks h) Jump Squats (make sure your crew does TONS of these) i) Jump Rope j) Squat Thrusts (Put both hands on ground, as if crawling, but without moving spots, move your legs as if running)

6) On saturday repeat ergs, or if you're fourtunate enough to have what we call "tanks" an apparatus to practice rowing, but its in a domestic pool.

That is our workout, hope it helps your crew!

-- Mike Milne (, October 25, 2001.

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