What do kids do to drive you insane?

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Is there anything your kids do that drives you absolutely insane? And what the heck do you do about it?

Thanks, -A

-- Amanda (amanda@nonsequitur.net), September 12, 2000


My partner and I have nine kids aged from three to eighteen and Iíd really appreciate any advice about how to handle kids who get addicted to a LUSENET forum.

The one theyíre all crazy about is called Ask A Drunk. Hell, theyíre posting to it all day and night. Most of them have stopped eating and sleeping, and as for going to school Ė forget it! The three-year-old doesnít even bother to shave anymore!

What makes it worse is, I just canít see the point of Ask A Drunk. To me itís just a bunch of guys with too much time on their hands posting stupid, unintelligible jokes to each other in words I canít understand, just like I couldnít understand the instructions on the contraceptive packet.

Sorry to go on, but itís driving me 100% mental! I mean, I say we have nine kids, but before this all started we had eleven. Thatís how mental I am, you know?

-- Trish Trailer-Trash (rex@waitrose.com), February 23, 2002.

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