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Hi Everyone:

As Im sure everyone who reads this board is aware of Ive always allowed a fairly large amount of room for everyones opinions and thoughts. Because of this when the post about the supposed Billy nude photos was posted I didnt delete it. At this point I should also say that Im not aware that Billy has ever done nude photos. I have not seen the photos talked about in the original post. Billy has never talked about doing a series of nudes. Over the last few weeks people have written to me in regards to obtaining the password in order to view the photos. They have told me that they have written and asked for the password with no reply from the original poster of the message. Because of these events I have now decided to remove the messages regarding the nude photos. If you have any concerns regarding my decision in this matter please feel free to e-mail me privately off the message board.


-- Greg - WMFC (, September 12, 2000

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