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In my entry today (two days ago, it's getting complicated) I talk about the two people that saved my movie, and how I didn't know that I needed them, but they just swooped down and made everything work, that they are my angels. Who are your angels?

-- Kymm (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), September 12, 2000


My angels?? Well that would have to be my husband and them bad puppies! (I am under the Kymm influence at the moment!) My husband has been there when I was so sick I could hardly walk, and he has shouldered my duties with out complaint. (Hmmmm, maybe he is a saint, not an angel?) Any hoo, I haven't a clue as to what I would have or even could have done without his help while I was so sick lately. And them bad puppies? Animals do sense when we are in bad shape, whether it be a mood or an illness. They tend to shadow me even more when I am having a hard time of it. The big one is more protective, telling anyone who comes to the door, "if you had to knock then I am warning you, this is MY house and mama to protect!" The little dog follows me room to room lying on the floor next to where ever I am, "I am NOT letting you out of my sight!" So, with angels of every kind all over the place, I imagine that your angels were only too happy to help you. Just as you were an angel to the Animal shelter who helped you too. What goes around comes around! Keep swooping Kymm!

-- gabbydink (gabbydink@webtv.net), September 13, 2000.

The lovely neighbors we met two Decembers ago when we pulled our moving truck up to the back of our building in zero-degree weather with a nasty wind blowing at 10 PM and discovered that the lock was frozen. They were COMPLETE STRANGERS at the time. They offered us their spare bedroom for the night, and, having driven straight for thirteen hours partly in blinding snowstorm, we were appropriately, exhaustedly grateful. God bless them always. I'll miss them when we move in a couple weeks.

Also, our new landlady who nearly yanked us off the street and offered to rent us a wonderful place at a reduced rent when we thought we were really stuck.

I don't believe in angels, but such occurrences, among others, have definitely tested my skepticism.

-- Catriona (catri696@purpleturtle.com), September 13, 2000.

my angel is an on-line friend named herschel (i won't put his last name here cause i don't think he'd like me to). in the 4 years that i've known him he's helped me through some terriably tough times. he's always been there in my e-mail box when i needed him. he's been nonjudgemental, unfailingly supportive, and when i've asked him for advice, its always been good. he's the best friend i've ever had, and i truly do believe god sent him to me.

-- nicole (nicolemrw@go.com), September 13, 2000.

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