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I am trying to persuade an east coast city commission (Waycross, GA) that the railfan population is large enough, passionate enough and has enough buying power to justify a developement targeted to this group. could anyone provide such supporting information (e.g. size of per annum visits to rail museums, size of memberships in various rail fan groups, subscription size of representative rail fan publications, etc.) or direct me to other sources. My need is urgent (by midnight Sept. 11) and the cause is good (preservation of rail history). Thank you. Please reach me directly at

-- Thomas W. Kerby (, September 11, 2000


Just a point of clarification on the vsiitors center at the NS (former Conrail & PRR) Horseshoe Curve. It is not a state or federal park but a site which holds National Historic Landmark (NHL) status. The site was improved with partial funding from the National Park Service but is operated by a private non-profit the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum. Between the two sites (Horseshoe Curve and ARMM)approximately 110,000 guest visitations are generated each year. Over a period of 10 years the two sites were developed at a cost of approximately 20 million dollars which was represented by a mix of federal, state and private funds. As the former Assistant Director/Operations Officer for both sites, I would be more than happy to provide any information which may assist you with your project. You may also wish to consider contacting a number of excellent consulting firms which have experience in railway related historic preservation projects. May I suggest my office Email or feel free to contact me by voice at the May Museum (252) 753-5814. Regards,

-- Clifford P. Kendall (, September 13, 2000.

Also the Ex-Conrail "horseshoe loop" in pennsylvania is an excellent place to watch trains, there is a state park there, you can contact them too as to donations they get... I havent been there in years, I assume this route is now under NS control?

-- Troy Nolen (, September 12, 2000.

Tom, Can't answer any of you specific questions but I would suggest you call the mayor of New Rochell, Ill. They have apark at the UP/BNSFmdiamond that draws thousands of railfans per year (it has been a "Trains" hotspot). The town has benefited financally. Perhaps they can help you. John Edwards

-- John Edwards (, September 12, 2000.

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