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Where did/do you study? For me, I hung out in my dorm room, or occasionally, if it was a mixed study group, I hung out in the dorm lobby. Boys and girls weren't allowed in each other's rooms, doncha know.

Of course, that was when I studied, which wasn't that often. ;)

-- Lisa (, September 11, 2000


You studied in the bathroom. OK! Dilute! Dilute! OK!

Dr. Bronner has taken over my brain. OK!

-- Lisa (, September 13, 2000.

I was just as boring: I studied in my dorm room (but we could have guys in ours ;) ). Sometimes, if it was empty, I used the floor study room so my roomate could have the room to herself. I could never truly study in a public place, even the library, because there was always something much more interesting going on that would divert my attention (surprising, isn't it? ;P )

After Jason and I got married, and thus moving to an apartment, my classes consisted more of paper writing and less of actual studying, so my time was spent on the computer (and I actually did work...between computer games...).


-- Dawn Honhera (, September 12, 2000.

Well, all of last school year (1999-2000) I actually studied in the upstairs bathroom. Lots of space to spread out my books, nice and quiet, easy access to facilities, good lighting for a vanity I still don't use for its intended purpose...I mean, it just made sense. Of course it sounded funny to announce that I was going into the bathroom to study, but hey. You do what works.

-- Lara Scarberry (, September 13, 2000.

I never studied. But now I'm going to go back to school, and cite Dr. Bronner on all my papers! We is All-one, or none! OK!

-- Phillip Ames (, September 13, 2000.

Well, I try to study in my room because I can burn a scented candle and then listen to some quiet music and do math or whatever I can handwrite. Downstairs is usually too noisy and I have everyone and there brother trying to critique my homework. *gah* So I like my room as top choice. Second choice? Dining room table if I must.

-- Jacqi McKinney (, September 13, 2000.

Well, in college I studied wherever I thought I might look the coolest... Like at the fountain in the middle of the Baylor University campus, or on the steps of the Law School Library, or on a blanket in front of the student union building. I didn't actually study that much, which might be one of the contributing factors to my status as NON-DEGREED know-it-all.

In high school, however, I had to hide to get anything done while I was actually at school. The most effective, isolated, peaceful, unmolested spot I found was the elevator that went up to the boys' locker room from the practice gym. It was never used, since anyone who couldn't use the stairs wasn't enrolled in phy ed class anyway.

And I know what you're probably thinking about me and the boys' locker room--and it wasn't true. I didn't have much interest in the boys while I was in high school. The GIRLS' locker room, however, was a source of endless wonder and merriment...

-- Joss (, September 26, 2000.

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