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Eave and Talia, I am so happy that you love your jobs. That must be wonderful. I can't imagine it, as I've never had a job I loved (though I have liked three of them, and that's really is quite good enough). Now, though, I wake up and say why oh why must I go to work? It makes me tired. It's a very long time. It dominates my entire afternoon. I should really like it. I'm an evil person because I don't. I'm thinking about trying to switch. So my question is: don't y'all need some support staff in my city? You can route calls to my dorm room and we can set up web cams, and . . . please?

-- Elaina (, September 11, 2000


Can do.

-- Eave (, September 11, 2000.

Learn web design and get a candy job like me. Too bad the rest of my life sucks.

-- nae (, September 11, 2000.

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