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Just wondering if TMAX developer is one shot, mixed 1-4 (not the part a+b mix) just regular TMAX.

I bought a quart for lack of the Illifor Chemistry in our town to try re: the question I posted earlier about Ilford 3200 development. I have looked on the bottle but I can not fin anyplace that states one way or the other as to one time vs. multiple use.

Anyone know?

Thanks, Jeff Riehl

-- Jeff Riehl (, September 11, 2000


Kodak publishes increase development times for sucessive rolls processed in TMax. So, it is not considered a one-shot developer. However, I never store mixed/used TMax and tend to use it single shot in my work. I feel that I get more consistent results and less chance for error this way.

-- Ed Farmer (, September 11, 2000.

For consistency, one shot. For economy, up to three shots.

-- Alan Gibson (, September 12, 2000.

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