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I believe I may have located the Deep Lake Depot of the ACL south of Sunniland. Is there any means to confirm that the structure is the Depot. It is at the exact distance in miles from Sunniland according to mileages listed in Greg Turner's recent book on railroads of south Florida. Thank you!

-- Rick Walls (, September 11, 2000


Hi Rick,

I just went through Deep Lake looking for the structure you've located, but I could see nothing from the road that resembled a depot. In fact there's very little in Deep Lake to see at all along Route 29. To the west appears to be an abandoned correctional facility. On the east side was a set-back metal storage building behind a fenced-off entrance. I covered the route south from I-75 through Deep Lake to Jerome before heading back.

Can you give more details as to what the building looked like, its current use and exactly where you saw it. I may be able to help confirm that is is a depot. Thanks!

-- Bob Venditti (, September 03, 2002.

The first thing that comes to mind is to do a title search at the Collier County Court House(Naples?). If there is a building, someone is paying real estate taxes, so there is a record which would include past owners. There IS the possablity that building has been moved which would make the search more difficult, but this is a start. The other way to go is to check for the existance of a Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Deep Lake, also at the county court house or County Library. If this exists, it would tell you the floor dimensions and location of the station which could be matched to the current building.

-- Tom Underwood (, September 16, 2000.

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