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my mango trees are attracting thousands of what I think are monlepta beetles. Is there anything not too toxic to do? Any body got the drum on these bettles?

-- Merrick Elderton (, September 11, 2000


monolepta management.

Pyrethrum will knock monoleptas down. They might get back up again. A bugzapper will attract them. Monoleptas love trees that are flushing.

-- David Roby (, October 13, 2000.

Camberwell Grammar School 1972 re union

We are trying to find Merrick Elderton who went to Camberwell Grammar School finishing in 1972. We have a 30 year reunion planned on the 17 th May 2002. If I have found the right Merrick, please respond.


Peter Buckingham

-- (, April 05, 2002.

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