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time. This is your last chance to see the incredible documentary, "Vanishing Freedoms" on Fox at 9:00pm Central tonight. Fox has truely gone out on a media limb to give us rare insight into exactly what is going on with the millions and millions of acres of land the government is confiscating. A friend of mine called tonight to say he saw it last night and found it absolutely shocking.

-- meg Davis (, September 10, 2000


Ah, yes, the power of the "Executive Order." Clinton is a master at it, and has ruled by decree by issuing more "Executive Orders" than any other President in history. Who needs a Congress, when we have Dictator Bill to govern us?

Now, in Nov., we'll have a chance to perpetuate this kind of Dctatorship by electing his clone, Al Gore.

i 'm thinking it's time to reconsider that move to Australia--to get a little closer to that breath of fresh air called "freedom" for a little while yet, before I croak.

-- JackW (, September 10, 2000.

Now, JackW, don't be so shy.

When you've got something to say, speak up.

-- Wellesley (, September 10, 2000.

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