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Another successful Kentlands 5K! Thanks to all our volunteers and esp. Marty Horan for his tireless dedication for putting on a great race and event. If anybody has comments on how to make even a better race next year or even complaints (one person objected to includung Lakelands in the event), please let us know.

-- Peter Darmody (, September 10, 2000


I believe that one thing that distinguishes the Kentlands 5K is the degree of community participation. I wonder if there is another race that has such a large number of volunteers. The same has been true of other Kentlands activities, for example, the House Tours that the Kentlands Community Foundation has sponsored in the past.

It is upsetting to hear that an objection was voiced concerning including Lakelands. Is the individual a Lakelander concerned about losing his or community's identity in a "Greater Kentlands?" Is this the voice of a Kentlands resident who wants visitors to our community to see the real Kentlands?

My personal view is that we are a richer community by connecting the housing developments: not only Lakelands and Kentlands but also The Orchards (the townhomes that border the Hill District and which would have been connected by streets to the Kentlands but for opposition from their homeowners' association). So I'd vote for extending the race course a bit further next year and having it pass through that neighborhhood, if the residents agreed.

-- Michael Berney (, September 15, 2000.

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