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The 'super polly' tears 14 day preps a new one Thursday, 16-Sep-1999 15:29:07 [profanity edited] [snip]

Give me a break. How long does it take to get a months worth of food from Costco, for a family of 4? 2 hours??? maybe 3?

If you are new to y2k, you are better of going and buying some bulk items yourself and not listening to the nonsense on this board, put out by extremists. They start out sounding rational, but will slowly guide you to y2k vendors to buy overpriced items, that you don't really need.

Use common sense and ignore people infected with Millenial Madness

-- Super Polly (, September 15, 1999.


Assuming Super Poly's expected 30 days of disruptions to water, food, gas, and electricity. But not necessarily a continuous 30 days of disruptions, but rather occuring over 3 months. Add to this assumption that you really didn't plan out your personal contingency plans-- you're just doing the basics. You are not waiting for the best deal or taking advantage of the different sales going on every week. And you are going to get this done in a weekend, because you don't have time to worry about the little things.

One month of ordinary non-perishable food, toiletries, etc. (not a diet of beans and rice and newspaper for toilet paper) for a family of six could easily add up to to $1000 from mixed visits to local Costco or Sam's Club and the grocery store. Or you could watch out for sales at the grocery stores over the course of time save yourself a hundred bucks or more.

If you are using about 4 gallons of water per day per person for this same family, you need twelve 55 gallon water barrels (used: a total of $120 from your local soda bottling company or new: a total ranging from $200-$800 from Sam's or a shipping company) +plus+ six 5 gallons buckets (hechingers or home depot: $30). Of course, don't forget the UHAUL truck for the 55 gallon water barrels and with mileage that will be at least $100.

A portable kerosene heater (new) costs about $200-$300. Assuming you don't have a cookstove or outdoor grill and that you can and want to cook outside, a double burner kerosene stove (new) could run $80-$150. A short aluminum Aladdin lamp (no shade) with spare parts costs about $120. I think kerosene around here is about a buck per gallon and you might plan on four 5 gallon kerosene-approved cans (about $10 each for the cans) will run you about $20.

A metal flashlight per two people that takes 4 D cell batteries (say good for 6 hours use per 4 D cell batteries) will run about $90. 240 D cell batteries will be about $80 at radio shack. Or one Baygen hand crank flashlight (Sam's Club) per two people at a cost of $200 or so. A Baygen hand crank AM, FM, SW radio for about $80 (Sam's Club or other) or a battery operated Radio Shack AM, FM, SW radio for about $100 and another $100 for the batteries.

Prescription meds, over the counter meds, medicine cabinet stuff, a good first aid kit, a good sized a-b-c fire extinguisher, two battery operated smoke alarms and batteries may run from $300-$500 or more depending on your prescription meds.

Super Poly's bill for getting his/her basic preps done next weekend: just over $US 2000.00 to somewhere around $US 3,400.00. Of course, Super Polly didn't plan on spending this much money (he/she has a few hundred bucks to burn), so Super Polly ends up getting a week's worth of groceries for the family of six and puts off his/her Y2K preps until he/she gets a tax refund come next April. Are you ready for Y2K?

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, September 15, 1999.

First off, screw you both. MY E-mail is real, what the hell difference does my name make? The owner of this software asks that you not use fake e-mail addys. I don't. I can't say the same about most of the extremists.

Should I call myself Bill Simpson? or Janet Oragami? Maybe DiEtEr would be suitable? WHO CARES! Taking you up on your offer, Elaine I spent 2 hours and a total of $232.67 for 1 months worth of supplies for a family of four. But here is the freaky part. I don't plan on keeping them for myself. You see, there is a rather poor family down the street that wonders where they will get the next meal at the end of the month. They are always tapped, forget y2k. So these "preps" are going to mysteriously appear on there porch one morning. I refuse to selfishly hoarde while fellow human beings are just scratching by, less than 400 yards away. Don't tell me about the extremists, who are shilling for vendors or ARE VENDORS THEMSELVES are "doing a great service" F**k them all! You say there are no vendors here? what about minnisota smith? that b**tard charges Big Bucks just to TALK to people about y2k. Give me a break. I'll tear apart Stans little paper shortly.

-- Super Polly (, September 15, 1999.

Ah Stan, I see you posted some more retoric while I was posting. What's the matter, have you changed your tune? I didn't say there would be 30 days of disruptions. my point was that I can buy twice the amount of "preps" you recommend in a few hours. Now you are talking about 30 day disruptions. You prove the point of my original post....ALL YOU ARE TRYING TO DO IS SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, then lead them down the garden path. You are pathetic. You and the rest of the Tinfoil Sect. Let's anilyze your opening paragraph, shall we? you said: INTRODUCTION

Preparing for potential Y2K problems can be overwhelming if you have just learned about the late start and slow progress of government and other organizations in dealing with their Y2K technology problems.

You start with "overwhelming" and "potential y2k problems" You aren't using FUD at all here, are you? "late start" and "slow progress" Well THAT sure is a big assumption! You need to learn how the government works! (it would take to long to educate you on that, go find out yourself)

Though there is not much time for those who would like to get ready, newbies need to "prep smart"; it is important to concentrate on the basics of survival: shelter, heat, water, and food. Without these basics, one's chances of surviving can be reduced to hours

NooooOOOOoooo; you aren't using FUD tactics here at ALL. Give me a break. You are a Gary North wannabe. Nothing more.

-- Super Polly (, September 15, 1999.

Stan's stewardship here is a wonderful thing that undoubtedly has/will have helped many.

Too bad we can't say the say the same thing about the manic (or is that manIac?) detractors, huh? Although, I do think it's a good thing that the pollies have the ability to 'speak' to the forum also.

After all, what better way to expose idiots than to let them do it themselves?

Thanks again Stan.

-- Wilferd (, September 15, 1999.

After all, what better way to expose idiots than to let them do it themselves?

You said it Wilferd. You said it.

-- Super Polly (, September 15, 1999.

Dear S. P. :

THis past weekend, my bride and I spent $345 at Sams in our area. We did NOT even come CLOSE to a 4 week supply of food, paper, soap, etc consumables. AT BEST what we accomplished was to fill in some holes, in the 6-8 weeks we have in the pantry, and extend it to 7-9. There are only 2 of us in the family. I FAIL to see how you could come up with 30 days for 200 and change. Always assuming that you are working with a greater than 1000 calorie a day diet, which would quite literally kill us.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 16, 1999.

What's funny to me is that I pretty much guessed right about how much money Super Polly spent on Y2K preps. And as for Super Polly giving any preps away-- his bags of beans and rice would have to be [grin] moth-ridden before he did that (or he really doesn't dig beans and rice). But like it or not and even if moth-ridden, I will wage one 16 ounce can of Solid Gold organic dog food that the Super Polly does not not give away his preps to the needy family down the street (his heart is two sizes too small for that). Ironically, he probably took notes on my little list of basics. His problem with the 14 Days of Preps is that he lacks the attention span to read it through in one sitting.

Laughing loudly! Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, September 16, 1999.

Yes, Super, I *did* say it.

And you continue to prove it. Thanks for being consistant!

-- Wilferd (, September 16, 1999.

The food went last night Stan. They have no idea it was me.

I know this will get me deleted for sure, but F**K YOU. let me say that again.


I hope you read this before Diane Queen b**ch chops it off. Are YOU willing to give 230+ dollars worth of food to someone in need? You can take your can of dog food and shove it up your a**, f***head. That reveals WAY TOO MUCH about you. You wanna bet? I bet you there is NO WAY you will send relief supplies into the FLA/GEO area to help others get back on there feet after the hurricanes. *I* will. I have plans to send AT LEAST $500 that way, maybe more. Will YOU Mr. EXTREMIST belly up to the bar and match that?!? NO f**king WAY. You are all too selfish and WAY TOO busy thinking of YOURSELVES first. Screw you all.

CHUCK: I only purchased food and a few other items with that money. Yes, I know it would cost more for some other stuff. MY point was that Stan starts out trying to scare the sh*t out of the unsuspecting, then goes on from there. He builds NO CASE for WHY you need to prep for 14 days. THEN he moves on to some nonsense about 30 days of disruptions. (HUH? didn't he just say 14?) And its not 30 days continiuos (OK so you can't get a few things for a few days, you pick them up when available. what the hell is the big deal?)

This is a typical shill tactic. Its called the "insurance salespitch" (I'm surprised that one of the EXTREMISTS on this forum hasn't parroted THAT line yet!) Once Stan has his grip on people, he can start hustling them into the sites of the vendors. They just LOVE that!

BTW Stan the Man; did I mention F**k You? I am done with this thread.

-- Super Polly (, September 16, 1999.

-- cpr (, September 10, 2000

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