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I'd like to poll the general MARP community on whether we should disallow pauses on certain game types in MARP. The three basic categories I was thinking of are: 1)question and answer games, 2)tetris-style games, and 3)memory/thought puzzle games.

For some examples of each category type:

1) Quiz and Dragons, Quiz King of Fighters.

2) Tetris, Gun Dealer.

3) Logic Pro, Poly-Play (memory), Blasto.

This would ensure that players treat these games as they were meant to be played, and not take 'time-outs' to figure out what to do next. I'm not pointing any fingers, just trolling for opinions.

Thanx respondents,

Q.T.Quazar, MARP Rules Coordinator

-- Q.T.Quazar (, September 09, 2000


I was under the impression that pausing was frowned upon for all games. I understand there's no hard and fast rule, though, so I'll go ahead and vote to disallow pause. It would be better to do it universally, but I totally understand that there are some times you just have to take care of Real Life (tm). :)

Cheers, Brian

-- Brian McLean (, September 09, 2000.



-- AL (, September 09, 2000.

The only reason for pausing is to gain an advantage in a game (wether it's going to the bathroom or writing up the optimal solution to soukoban levels and then pausing to go through your notes after each level) There is no reason pausing should be allowed, since it disables fair play between competitors.

All games should be pause free, but if we want to vote on which games will and won't, then those games that will be pause free MUST be recorded in tgmame, right, since there is absolutley NO WAY of detecting pausing in a non-tgmame recording.

-- Chad (, September 10, 2000.

No pausing! As Chad says, for these types of games, it's much better to enforce use of the tourney version of mame.

-- Pat (, September 11, 2000.

yeah but what about post .35 games ??? or those times when you just gotta take a dump ??

-- david oliver (, September 15, 2000.

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