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"(OT) New DC Y2K Weather Report at Cory's Site"


If you want to keep up with Cory's inside views of the IT industry in the Y2K slow-motion unraveling, you need to go register. It's worth it.

The info in the member's only about the businesses starting to go under without any media attention is startling. And while all the problems are growing around them, the corporate pollies can't follow the trail back to their IT systems going kaput. They call the problems "bad management" and are trying to work-around failed computers by running the companies manually.

Remember all the posts about what follows when banks, companies or governments "go manual"? Makes me want to go shopping for truckloads of canned foods again.

[end snip]

Must be a bitch running GM manually

-- Johnny Canuck (, September 09, 2000


That guy lives on an island of his own, I think....metaphorically speaking, of course.

-- Anita (, September 10, 2000.

Anita, et all, it comes to home, when face to face with a half gallon of Ice Cream which price is over 5 bucks. You must live in an ice house. Try looking at the meat prices. Try that, on a minimum wage. Your call. P.S. Try tipping your waitress, extra.

-- Eyes Opened (, September 11, 2000.

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