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Folks, remember when it was discovered that the Administration had accumulated 900+ FBI files that they subsequently used against anyone who spoke out against them. The HIT LIST included Senators, Representatives, women who dared to stand up and tell their sordid stories and anyone else who dared to speak the TRUTH.

WorldNetDaily has had the GUTS to stand up to this Administration and publish accurate of hard-hitting articles exposing the untold stories behind this Administration.

Spin Control is at the heart of John Koskinen's y2k plans. See link below.

Feds Plan Y2K Spin Control

You can bet your bottom dollar that this includes interaction on Internet forums like this one. When you see futile attempts to discredit EXCELLENT Internet news sites like WorldNetDaily you know that these folks are scraping bottom.

As the time draws nearer to 1/1/2000 and it becomes more and more evident that we will experience more than just a bump-in-the-road you can expect to see these same folks discrediting anything and everything in the path of TRUTH.


-- Ray (, April 14, 1999


This whole thing smells to high heaven.

WND publishes this bit this morning, Lumen picks up on it and sets up a web page complete with links from the top of the soybean home page and quickly composes a public letter of thorough indignation to WND's editorial staff without so much as e-mailing or phoning them as to who their soruces were and where these quotes originated, and then Hoffmeister picks up on Lumen picking up on the WND piece and alerts this NG. All before noon. hmm...

-- hmm (hmm@hmm.hmm), April 14, 1999.

Hoffmeister appears to have unlimitless resources at his disposal to rapidly respond to posts in many different areas.



-- Ray (, April 14, 1999.

Ray, I tried to tell you over on the other thread.

But you didn't listen....

(insert evil laugh here)

-- Hoffmeister (, April 14, 1999.

Hey Ray,

Nothing new here. Same old M.O. from this Administration. Many destroyed lives lay strewn about the Clinton's passing. Many careers destroyed. Just ask that Newsweek reporter (name escapes me at the mo.) who broke the Monica story. Many people mysteriously slain or missing around this malignant ruler.

But as the time draws nearer to 1/1/2000 and it becomes more and more evident that we will experience more than just a bump-in-the-road, you can expect the Clinton hammer to fall on those who have prepared. Ken Starr will have been treated with kid gloves compared to the fate the GI's face.

There are many dead bodies surrounding this media-annointed king. There are perhaps hundreds dying for his legacy now. Thousands will soon perish on his account.

You can be sure the op's monitoring this board have figured out the majority of GI's are also not fans of this tyrant in the White House.

Reading about his desire for vengeance on political enemies, the opportunity to kill many birds with one spin using Y2K as the springboard for absolute rule - in his case could hardly be resisted.

If I can see it, I'm sure he did a long time ago.

Credit where credit is due: he is THE most brilliant and artful politician of perhaps ANYONE in history.

Too bad all of his motives are self-fulfilling.

IMHO, a man seeking greatness for greatness' very, very dangerous.

To all our peril.

-- INVAR (, April 14, 1999.

Ray ... Concerning your remark about Hoffmeister being able to respond to so many posts so rapidly .... Me thinks, you thinks the Hoffmeister may be the Sclickmeister, Ya ?? Eagle

-- A. Eagle (A999Eagle@, April 14, 1999.

Der Slickmeister more than likely had a hand in it. Or is that on it. I guess depends on what the definition of it is. Where the hell is Monica when ya need her?

-- SCOTTY (, April 14, 1999.

-- cpr (, September 09, 2000

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