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-- Take a Look at the Insanity (It's@pretty.obvious), September 09, 2000


AH POOR THING, Did you lose your Daddy in the Mall? Just go to the Information Center and they will use the public address system to find him..


-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), September 09, 2000.

Yes, this is a typical reaction from a paranoid obsessive when confronted with the reality that his entire grandiose delusion has come to an end. He is desperately trying to reinforce this delusion because it is the only thing feeding his very insecure ego.

He will have a breakdown period and suffer depression for a while, but I believe he will recover. Hopefully he is not so unstable that he will try to snuff himself out by slitting his wrists or diving from a window, as many of these types often do.

-- cyber freud (reinforcing@his.delusion), September 09, 2000.

ANOTHER "EXPERT" quoted in World Net now posts to Brother Michael's. And who was "Joseph Almond"?




Joseph Almond Member posted September 02, 1999 08:36 PM

Whatever measures you will take in the event of a worst case scenario, I urge you to at least THINK ABOUT now. You people in larger cities will be targeted as you flee with compact valuables in your vehicles.

The gangs in Los Angeles KNOW roads leading to Las Vegas will be jammed with hundreds of thousands in their cars, with their cash, water, precious jewelry, etc, trying to get to a safer place. A mere FIVE cars disabled can plug up an Interstate, 100%.

Then you would be literally "a sitting target." You with teenage daughters should consider this. Look at riot footage from May of 1992, and tell me how "merciful" thugs are once the law of the Jungle kicks in. You will flee, if worst case occurs. Make plans in advance, now. If the lights don't go out, go back home. It's that simple.

Don't flame me, please. I am only trying to help.

-- CPR (buytexas@swbell.net), September 09, 2000.

Another "Great Expert on Y2k" (30 years in programming). Better listen up.


[Y2K Media Coverage][Press Release]"$ 1 Billion Available for Y2K - Michigan$ 1 Billion Available for Y2K - Michigan" ...(We'll just see if ink/airwaves are put to this item... ROFLMAO!!...

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$ 1 Billion Available for Y2K - Michigan

June 3, 1999:

Franklin Frith - Y2K Contingency Consultant and Jeff Roberts - Y2K Community Organizer appeal to Governor Engler and the state legislature to allocate the $1 billion to LOCAL GOVERNMENTS and to oppressed citizens of Michigan. These funds can be used by both local governments and citizens to prepare appropriately for the oncoming Y2K Disaster.

The majority of local governments in the state of Michigan do not have adequatefinancial resources to address the Y2K problem. State officials have repeatedlystated that there are too many individuals that do not have the resources toprepare for Y2K; this is why the state is only recommending a 72 hourpreparation period for the general public.

Dave Wearsch, Budget Analyst with the state of Michigan stated on June 3, 1999in a phone conversation ((517)373-3552) that the Slush Fund is actually calledthe Countercyclical Budget and Economic Stabilization Fund (aka BudgetStabilization Fund). It currently contains around $1 billion and it was createdby Michigan Public Act 431 - 1994, Section 18.1352 (reference section 350-353,355).

It is time to act now to avoid a crisis later. This fund can be utilizedimmediately to assist local governments and individuals throughout the state. It is absolutely necessary that our state representatives act to allocate thisvaluable resource to minimize the damages of the Y2K disaster. More informationto follow.


Franklin Frith - Y2K Consultant


(810) 796-2037



Jeff Roberts - Y2K Organizer


(248) 723-8714





Franklin D. Frith II


The clearing house of the most current official governmentand industry reports/documents, some of which have notbeen made available to the general public




-- Robert Mangus (rmangus@hotmail.com), June 04, 1999


* * * 19990604 Friday

Regardless of the intended nobleness of such a jesture, an exercise in math might be appropriate to demonstrate how futile an undertaking this would prove to be:

"Excess" Funds Available: US$1,000,000,000.00

Population in the great State of Michigan: ~9,200,000.00

( One-time ) Y2K Allocation: US$108.70/person

Only a drop in the Y2K bucket for preps required to sustain many months/years of collapsed infrastructure!

And that's assuming you could convince everyone that there REALLY IS A Y2K PROBLEM.


Governments and corporations MUST sustain their public Y2KBITR spin and "control" as long as possible to forestall the collapse of their respective political power and economic value bases.

The sheep will continue to be sheep!

Nice thought though!

Regards, Bob Mangus

* * *

-- Robert Mangus (rmangus@hotmail.com), June 04, 1999.

Robert, you have had me in stiches since your return. Since you can't point to any business failures due to Y2K, nor can you point to any real screwups (yeah, I know, all being hidden. If it can be hidden, it can't be very big.) you now point to other people who are being irrational and claiming they validate your position.

That does not work. THIS IS A TECHNICAL PROBLEM. The technical problem has been largely solved. Get over it.

I am not a bit impressed by Michigan. A WCW wrestler for a governor, coupled with a bunch of the Michigan Militia and the state university goofballs are running wild with bad Y2K numbers. This is supposed to impress me?

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), June 04, 1999.

Not to mention the "boy Scout" Militia being sent house to house warning people of the doom Y2K will bring. You have to wonder how long it will take bedore the Boy Scouts doing this end up going "postal"?

- - Cherri (sams@brigadoon.com), June 04, 1999.

* * * 19990604 Friday

Paul Davis, Cherri (who GI?!?):




* Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Governor _Wisconsin_





MARCH 10, 1999 PAGE A-2


Y2K? Israelis bit by Y99 tax bug


JERUSALEM -- Israel's income-tax collectors didn't wait for the Y2K bug to shut down their computers at the end of the year -- they inadvertently disrupted service a year early. The glitch occurred when they tried to bugproof the computers of the Israel Tax Authorities, and thousands of grumbling taxpayers found themselves overpaying. The mess at the tax office points to the kinds of problems in store for Israelis -- and people worldwide -- as the millennium draws near. Israeli experts said Tuesday the country is not prepared to tackle the Y2K problem -- the confusion created when computers programmed to keep track of a year with only two digits don't know how to read the year 2000. The trouble at Israel's tax office started Jan. 1, the beginning of Israel's fiscal year. Computer experts decided it would be a good time to develop a Y2K- proof program. But the new software was not ready on time -- creating chaos in tax offices, which could not update files or grenerate the tax-deduction forms. Without the forms, employers were required to deduct half of a worker's pay for income tax, leading to an outcry from taxpayers and tax collectors.


May 31, 1999

Accounting problems?

< http://www.amcity.com/washington/stories/1999/05/31/newscolumn8.html? h =y2k >

Post gets bitten by the Y2K bug

The Washington Post doesn't want your money. At least not for another few weeks anyway.

Despite spending millions of dollars and four years preparing for the Y2K bug, the city's largest newspaper is unable to accept 52-week subscription renewals because its accounting department is not Y2K compliant yet. "We are getting all new software and a brand new computer to handle this problem over the next three weeks," said Post spokesperson Linda Erdos. She said the paper predicts it will solve the problem in time to resume offering 52-week subscriptions in July. But some readers are frustrated by this bookkeeping dilemma. "Now I have to call them back in two weeks just to pay my bill," a Post reader said.


To the best of my knowledge, neither of these two instances ( above ) have been "fixed", to date!

July 1, 1999 will bring out a lot more failures that cannot be covered up!

I don't suffer DWGI trolls anymore, thank you!... The above is for the benefit of those that have family and friends on the verge of GI status!

Regards, Bob Mangus

* * *

-- Robert Mangus (rmangus@hotmail.com), June 04, 1999.

Paul, I think you're confusing our governor with that of Minnesota's. Governor Engler is not a member of the WWF (or whatever).

Robert: Thanks for the Michigan info. It's good to see other Michiganians/Michiganders contributing here to this forum.

As for the Michigan State Spartans, I dunno...I was one of those arrogant nerds who graduated from the University of Michigan ;-)

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), June 04, 1999.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, whatever...

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), June 04, 1999.

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), September 09, 2000.

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