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I'm unable to sleep because of this: my very favorite uncle in the world, lives in NYC and doesn't see the need to relocate during the rollover. Even if he would, on his own, he won't go too far from my step-grandmother (his step mother) who is nearby, 2 hrs away, in the Catskill Mountains of NY, who has Alzheimers and who won't leave her house. He feels he is her only link for support, in case something does happen.

I had been trying to get them both to Florida, where, at least they won't have to deal with the cold, and where there is family with whom they can stay.

Now, it is THE WEEK, and I am still trying to come up with another alternative that they might go for.

Is there a safe haven or accommodation in the NY State area, perhaps with GI's, where they might go for a Long Weekend... that turns out to be a VERY Long Weekend???!

Help. I just can't give up on them. Thanks for any ideas. BTW, these are old folks, so they are not in a position pitch in with wood-chopping. I really am thinking more of a hotel/inn-type thing where others may be waiting out the rollover...?

-- Sara Nealy (, December 26, 1999


Does you step-grandmother still live independently? Or is someone caring for her daily, or is she in a nursing home? What does the uncle think he can do for her if he is 2 hrs. away, and if there are major disruptions in NYC? Would the situation be better if he went to the Catskills to be there to help her "in case" (taking all the supplies he could? If someone else is caring for her daily, might be best to check on their "contingency plans". And a bug-out bag would be a good idea for both, as they may find themselves evacuated. At this point there is not a lot that can be done if they both feel the need to stay put. Have either done ANY prepping? If not, if they see NO need to have preparations, you may have to accept the possibility that DGI-itis may be a terminal disease if Y2K is anything more than a BITR. If people DO die as a result of Y2K breakdowns, they will likely all be uncles and grandparents and children and good friends of people who tried to warn them. It was never possible for everyone to get out of cities. You do what you can to warn them. They should have some water and a bug out bag at the very least (if they will do even that much). Be at peace knowing you tried.

-- Linda (, December 26, 1999.

The Catskill Mountains are a very nice bug-out place! Why doesn't he move there at least temporarily? I pray for my friends there that NYC will not empty out up the Hudson River in the direction of those beautiful mountains.

-- W (, December 26, 1999.

How about the Finger Lakes? Lots of small, pleasant communities to choose from, all well-used to seasonal visitors, and with no shortage of hotels. And if Ontario Hydro can keep a minimum of 60% of their power [from hydro and nuke plants] up, without the grid pulling them down, they're close enough to cross the Canadian border.

We have a long tradition of sheltering refugee Americans [starting from around 1776, or so :)], so they'd be quite welcome.

-- John Whitley (, December 26, 1999.

Answer for the Catskills is that most everyone will probably be asked to 'shelter in place" if need be. Don't know if she is in the southern Catskills ("Borscht Belt", Sullivan County), but up here in the Northern Catskills the latest seems to be that if temporary shelter is needed the fire houses mostly have generators, and there may be a formal Red Cross shelter in Kingston. Central Hudson, the electricity provider, has been claiming that they're all set for months, for what that's worth. I can't think that there are many lodgings that GI enough to have generators, but I don't really know. Presumably if she has Alzheimers it may be very difficult for her to adjust to anywhere unfamiliar, and she might do just as well in her own place. If she is in Ulster County, you might want to call Family of Woodstock, a local social services group, or talk with whoever her caregivers are about options. Family has branches in Woodstock 679-2485, New Paltz 255-8801, and Ellenville 647-2443 (all area codes 914). Don't know if Family gets it about Y2k, even in such a politically and ecologically aware area like Woodstock the Y2k group there was striking out.

-- Firemouse (, December 26, 1999.

Just thought of something else. You might want to find out how she did with Hurricane Floyd if you are contacting someone in an official capacity up here. We got hit quite badly in the Catskills with Floyd, many people being without electricity for 4 to 6 days. That might be something that might connect with them rather than Y2k.

-- Firemouse (, December 27, 1999.

-- cpr (, September 09, 2000

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