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Very interesting statement...something I've felt for a long time. Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums - Personal_Preparations Date: 1999-12-24 10:05:51 Subject: How Many Documents Have You Read on Y2K? Thousands? Are You Better Informed on Y2K Than a Local Politician? Comment: Ask yourself: How much y2k information have you surveyed compared to a local politician? A local reporter? A PR flak with a noncompliant multinational corporation?

For whatever evidence is worth, you have surveyed more of it than 99% of the U.S. population, and 99.9% of the world's population. You probably have a different opinion than the rest of the world has.

This does not prove that your opinion will prove to be closer to the truth, but it does prove that you have taken more time to find out what the y2k problem is than the overwhelming majority of those who think y2k will not be much of a problem.

Americans like to say, "Prove it. Show me the facts." This is self-delusion in action. They really want you to show them the facts that they can accept emotionally. Anything else isn't factual; it's doomsday-ism. It's hype. It's money-grubbing. Good news is factual, objective, and unaffected by the system of funding that produced it.

This world is filled with facts. Men's minds are limited. They cannot collect, assess, and act upon all the facts. So, they learn to filter out most of what they hear, and they don't hear all that much.

It matters what you are willing to listen to. But you cannot know how much it matters until after the fact. What fact? The objective fact of the missing digits and their effects.

In ignorance, we should seek back-ups. We should look for ways to shield ourselves from the threatening unknown or to take advantage of the opportunities we come across. This is called "contingency planning."

We are continually assured that "nobody knows what will happen." Logically, this is another way of saying, "increase your ownership of fall-back reserves." But the phrase is not meant to be taken logically. It is meant to be taken emotionally. It is a code phrase for "nothing bad will happen to most people, mainly you and me, and especially me."

You have fewer than seven market days to take possession of your fall-back reserves.

This is December 24. Go to the mall. Take pictures of the crowds. The photos should be a good reminder of "the way things were." But get them developed no later than Monday, December 27.

-- Sheri (, December 24, 1999

-- cpr (, September 09, 2000



-- cpr (, September 09, 2000.

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