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I am still reeling from what we learned about CPR and his Y2K jitters yesterday. The following two threads have the details:

"Pre-, post-Y2K attitudes are basis of doctoral dissertation" (Buddy,, 2000-09-08)

"Who was the biggest doomer?" (ABC, a@b.c, 2000-09-08)

The facts are these:

CPR was worried about Y2K. NOT, mind you, the actual computer bug itself, but rather how you and I would REACT to the doomsayers such as Gary North ("***DOOMZIE MIS-LEADER***"). Gary North was advocating that people QUIT THEIR JOBS and DROP OUT OF THE WORKFORCE before the world came to an end in 2000.

So what did CPR do? He GAVE UP his $200K annual salary and spent the next two years full-time screaming at anyone who worried enough about Y2K to make preparations -- i.e., his "de-bunking" efforts. Buying extra food, storing up water, buying gold, etc., all of these were clearly symptoms of the ***DOOMZIE MEME***, and of course when Y2K turned out to be a DUD, CPR has bragged about how he is LAUGHING at those ***DOOMZIE MORONS*** who prepared.

But hardly any of the ***DOOMZIES*** quit their jobs, and indeed people may have financially taken a hit by buying things that they will not need, but ... (2 years * $200K)=$400,000 that CPR has given up for the privilege of LAUGHING at US????!!!!!!

This is so hysterically funny yet pathetically sad, it begs any rational explanation. I knew CPR was obviously off the deep end with his crazy posts, but had no idea he ended up doing exactly what Gary North advocated: Quitting his job, dropping out.

OH, but wait a minute, says CPR in the "Who was the biggest doomer?" thread cited above. You see, CPR explains that he did not "quit" his job, because he was self-employed. Therefore he was not following what Gary North advocated.

Glad we cleared that up. LOL!!!!!

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 09, 2000


He missed out on $200,000 in income, not $400,000.

Other than that, I think your points are valid. There were no bank runs. Doomers did not shoot their neighbors when the rollover went smoothly. CPR's fears of the way the public might react to Y2K were just as wrong as fears about possible Y2K problems.

CPR should have known there wasn't going to be a panic. If he knew Y2K was going to cause as few problems as it did, and that the spike dates like April 1 and July 1, 1999 were going to cause as few problems as they did, then he had no reason to fear a Y2K panic.

Only real Y2K problems could have caused a panic. I say that because the only concerns about Y2K the general public ever had were about electricity and banking, and the mass media was flooded with positive news about those two areas in 1999.

-- (Y2K@is.over), September 09, 2000.

SPAIN. You are a riot, on a par for STUPIDITY with Gary North a 35 year LOSER. BTW, are YOU a **shill** for GARY NORTH or HYATT, Yourdon or some other FUD spreader? Or do you just spew your IDIOCY to puff you your MUDDY EGO. ??



HOW COME YOU DON"T POST YOUR NAME OR ID ON THIS FORUM? INSTEAD YOU INSULT PEOPLE AND PONTIFICATE FROM UNDER A WHITE SHEET OF ANONYMOUS POSTS. You are a NUT on a par with "Shakey" and Hawk or the rest of the SHEETED WONDERS OF "ANONYMOUS POSTS". YOU WERE A WORTHLESS CONTRIBUTOR TO TB I and a tiresome poster of mindless Mis-Fired Synapsis here. My lost income can be replaced and frankly, unlike people such as you, I don't much care about it. I answer ONLY to MYSELF about whether to work or not work. That is because **I'm my own Boss**. I do not "punch a timeclock" or PRAY that Social Security or any Socialistic program will "take care of me".

I plan never to retire so it really doesn't matter and SINCE I'M THE BOSS, IDIOTS MAKING COMMENTS ABOUT WHAT I DO........matters little (especially since you do not contribute one single penny to my accounts). By Spring of 1999, I was convinced enough work had been done on Y2k that the only thing left to do was DE-BUNK THE FUD MEISTERS.THAT.......was relatively SIMPLE because their arguments like YOU,,,are "simple" and built on hot air mixed with "mud" as in "muddying up the waters" wit Propaganda.I did not "fear" a public panic. I was concerned about Foreign and Domestic Terrorism and so was the FBI, THE CIA and the STATE AND LOCAL POLICE. THERE WERE TERRORIST ARREST BEFORE AND AFTER 1/1/2000.

Thanks to YOU and the rest of the FUD SLINGERS AND BELIEVERS.......there had to be a full blown "alert" across the US "just in case". NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD WAS SUCH SECURIY in place.

AND WHY? BECAUSE GOSSIP MONGERERS AND PROPAGANDISTS LIKE NORTH, HYATT, and the rest of the WEIRDOS that concocted Y2k FUD **FORCED IT*** in the USA as a precautionary measure.

YOU.....and all of the rest of the SCUM who thought nothing of SPREADING FUD.........COST EVERYONE MONEY and now you cost me something I hold dearer: MY TIME.......AND YOU ARE WASTING IT. FUCK YOU AND YOURS.

-- cpr (, September 09, 2000.

Ken Decker pointed out (rightly, IMHO) that Y2K never even entered the radar screens of the vast majority of Americans. Most people I talked to NEVER gave it a second thought, regardless of what the "evidence" was, and in fact cared not a wit what the "evidence" said, either way.

The pollys assert that only stupid people fell victim to the spreaders of FUD, and also insist (rightly, IMHO) that people who where concerned about Y2K were only a very tiny fraction of society.

Since these statements are accurate, it would also be fair to say that one person, CPR, over-reacted to the so called threat posed by FUDsters by a magnitude unequaled by anyone that I am aware of, polly or doomer. Two years of full time work, 200 thousand dollars down the crapper, all in an effort to stop the spread of a "meme" that 90+% of the American people could have cared less about.

Welcome to the club Chuck, the club of folks who engaged in Y2K related irrational behavior.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 09, 2000.

I don't believe it -- someone is accusing ME of being a shill. Presumably, for the Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt industry which, without Y2K, probably has gone bankrupt.

Oh, it's CPR. Dude, don't you have a resume to write or something? (I can see it now: "1999-2000 UNEMPLOYED Full time unpaid volunteer effort saving the world from ***DOOMZIE MIS-LEADERS***".)

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 09, 2000.

Give it a rest KOS, CPR is secretly an ex-CIA operative, a failed candidate out some new aspect of the MK-Ultra research. If we ignore him, he just might morph into one of his more entertaining personalities.

There are positive and negative uses for the TBI archives. Compilling previous BOB lists and details about home canning links are a positive use. Posting old fearful notes and then laughing over them is not constructive and lost its entertainment value after Andy Ray's second or third collection, I believe.

-- (raven@never.more), September 09, 2000.

YOU.....and all of the rest of the SCUM who thought nothing of SPREADING FUD.........COST EVERYONE MONEY and now you cost me something I hold dearer: MY TIME.......AND YOU ARE WASTING IT. FUCK YOU AND YOURS.

Here is another example of of CPR's complete lack of contact with reality. Who makes him read or post here? He does it himself, voluntarily. Therefore, he and only he is responsible for wasting his own time here. It's very easy for him to fix this problem. All he has to do is to go back to being a real estate salesman and stop claiming to be the "savior of the world from the FUD merchants".

So why doesn't he do that? Because his actual life is meaningless. Only his delusions of grandeur sustain him. If he weren't so obnoxious, I might actually feel sorry for him. But as it is, his self-imposed plight is just laughable.

-- ABC (a@b.c), September 09, 2000.

Code Red Code Red

Five point restraints to Ward 54

Patient is chewing through the leather


All kidding aside, does Charles Reuben have any friends here who can call him and make sure he's really okay? This don't look right

-- (, September 09, 2000.

IsT tHaT tHE DieTER?

"Y2K related irrational behavior. "

ISt ThaT nOT HiM? DiD HE noT vanISh FroM thE TimEbooB I foR maNy MonTHs anD theN retURn tO say sO LiTTlE??

-- Hans (, September 09, 2000.

"I did not "fear" a public panic. I was concerned about Foreign and Domestic Terrorism and so was the FBI, THE CIA and the STATE AND LOCAL POLICE. THERE WERE TERRORIST ARREST BEFORE AND AFTER 1/1/2000."

That's not quite true, Charlie. I remember you telling me via E-mail that you feared there would be bank runs. I also remember telling you that I didn't think there would be bank runs and your replying, "I hope you're right." Since I didn't know who you were until perhaps June of 1999, this exchange took place sometime after that.

Patricia and I discussed on another thread a while back the myopic view some had of Y2k because they typically only used the internet posters to get opinion. I asked everyone I knew their opinions on Y2k, both at work, in my neighborhood, and those on my contact lists for E-mail. Not ONE person was concerned, not the remediators, not the housewives, not ONE person IRL was concerned [that I polled.] Polly or NON-polly, *I* was considered nuts for even following the subject on the internet. It took until this summer for the woman across the street to stop pulling her kids into the house everytime she saw me on the street. [grin]

-- Anita (, September 09, 2000.

To the mud! Quickly! Everyone in! Mud fixes everything!

-- helen (mud@mud.mud), September 09, 2000.

Well, Anita, you're obviously a *Menace To Society* :-)

Seriously, as far as the people I know IRL, my Dad watched C-SPAN a few times and started thinking "doom" until I sat him down and explained things. My Mom works for NYPD, so she only saw their side of it (crowd control, mostly). My brother, OTOH, who is probably the only redneck in Brooklyn (uh oh, I think I stereotyped again -- sorry), the one I figured would be Mr. Doom himself, thought the whole thing was a scam by the IT world (he is, bar none, the single most non-technical person on earth. I doubt he's ever TOUCHED a computer that wasn't attached to a vehicle). The people in my office just wanted to know if they'd be able to party that night. My friends were like, "what?".

So go figure, right. I can't say how I would have reacted had Y2K not been my "job" for almost four years.

Helen, you might have something there.

-- Patricia (, September 09, 2000.

It can be funny, now that the initial possible threat of "Society gone to Hell in a handbasket because electricity didn't work. My own, went off for 30 minutes, I was unhappy. It takes enough people, with enough rememberance to ponder of such days, when such things as piped water, electricity, air conditioning, were not available. Along some road,I heard a caller state that electricity was her "given right". Probably she had an expensive foo-foo dog too. God forbid, she should have a Hurricane or Tornado in her neighborhood. My two cents, for those awake.

-- Arrogant Americans (, September 09, 2000.

So as WD-40 provided the link, this is WHERE the creep went over the top/edge.?

Poor ceep, now left alone to talk only to himself.

Since he ran everybody off. Sure hope he is lonely

-- (ah@never.mind), September 16, 2000.

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