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The Defence Legislation Amendment (Aid to
Civilian Authorities) Bill 2000, which finally passed
Parliament on Thursday, allows State Governments
to "call out" defence personnel to quell an outbreak
of "domestic violence" if the police are considered
incapable of controlling the situation.

The Federal Government is also allowed to "call
out" the military after consulting the State, in the
same circumstances where "Commonwealth
interests" are at risk.

The Democrats and the Greens first proposed
amendments to prohibit the use of defence forces
against peaceful strikers and protesters and to
require the Government to recall Parliament if
troops were called out.

. . .

"At the moment there is no appropriate or effective
legislative framework to restrict the
Commonwealth's powers and actions in this regard
and there is no protection of civil liberties when the
Commonwealth does decide to use its powers," Dr
Martin said in Parliament on Thursday.

Sydney Morning Herald

-- spider (, September 09, 2000

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