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My name is Dr Beau Diskin BS DC, I am e-mailing you from Melbourne and wish to introduce to you ... a probiotic soil restorer = BIOMEX


What is BIOMEX? When activated Biomex contains Billions of Scientifically blended, soil bacteria and fungal inocula plus Humic Acid, also providing natural trace elements. Biomex is a microbial soil inoculum cultured with specially selected soil microbes. Biomex is 100% non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically safe. Biomex is not a pesticide, fungicide or fertiliser. Biomex goes to work in the following ways: Assists plant growth and development. Helps the plant to develop and improve its natural resistance to diseases. Reduces transplant losses and planting shock. Assists the plant to increase its tolerance to drought, soil salinity, and polluted soil conditions. Helps reduce the plants needs for inputs such as fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides. Assists the soil by increasing nutrient availability and water retention. For more info. receive a free booklet ... by contacting us via e-mail, with your postal address and contact name & number. regards from Dr Beau Diskin

-- Dr Beau Diskin BS DC (, September 09, 2000

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