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What you are doing is very unhealthy for your psyche, and even potentially very dangerous. It is well beyond the time when you should have emerged from this cocoon of delusion in which you have buried yourself. Y2K is dead and gone. It is time for you to face reality.

You were frightened by those who warned of the many possible negative implications of Y2K. You were so frightened in fact, that you become possessed with an obssessive denial. Your materialistic-based psyche was in no way able to tolerate the negative consequences if they did indeed occur, so you manufactured a shelter from this possible reality, a protective delusion.

You scrambled and searched for information which would help you deny the negative possibilities. In the hysterical manner which is sometimes characteristic of severe obssession, you even went so far as to withdraw yourself from your career, to dedicate yourself to attacking "the enemy"... those who presented the possibilty of scenarios which you were ill-equipped to survive. Understandable behavior for a paranoid obssessive-compulsive personality, but you would have been better to face the realities and prepare yourself as best as possible.

Your denial became even more dominant as you became a very loud and aggressive spokesman for denial on the Internet. 24 hours a day, week after week, month after month, and now, year after year, you became consumed by this delusion of grandeur in which you reigned supreme over the "FUD makers" and "Doomzies." You convinced yourself that this was a grand conspiracy, and that you were a fearless leader, saving the masses from these evil creators of uncertainty and doubt.

Now, you are so emerged in this delusion that you cannot escape, you will not give it up. The reality which awaits you is one you do not want to face. It provides you with little self-esteem or ego-gratification, for in reality you are nothing but another washed-up real estate salesman who went bezerk and blew his entire career, embarrasing yourself by going off on a paranoid delusion that you needed to win a "battle" against those who chose to take a cautious approach.

The reality which awaits you is not quite as simplistic as you have led yourself to believe. You discovered a few rare and extreme examples of individuals who went overboard in preparations, and you assumed that everyone who took even minimal precautions were all the same, extreme "Doomzies" who represented a possible outcome which you could not handle. You assumed that everyone had been "brainwashed" by "FUD makers" who represent the "Generals" in this imaginary battle of yours.

The reality is that many of us perceived negative consequences as one possible outcome, and we chose to prepare ourselves accordingly. Most of us have a mind of our own, and no one does anything they don't want to do. I cannot speak for everyone, but I believe most people acted as I did. I studied information from many different sources and opposing viewpoints, then I decided what I believed was the best course of action. I acquired enough bare necessities and food to survive for approximately 3 to 6 months. I bought no exorbitant items, spent no large amount of money, bought no books, or anything that I cannot use.

There were no "FUD makers" involved in my decisions. There was a degree of "UD," but only to the extent that any logical rational mind would derive from the facts, given for example, a hurricane waiting offshore, it's final path unknown. I do not regret my actions in the least. In fact, it was a very good learning experience, and from this point forward I will remain reasonably prepared for almost anything the future may bring.

Snap out of it Creep. Y2K is dead and gone. Your delusion is no more. It is time for you to face reality.

-- cyber freud (, September 09, 2000


Should I laugh, or cry .?.?.?

One thing is for sure...

This post is a 10.0! Right on the money! A bullseye! Oh man, I could think of a hundred...

Bwwwahh,sob,aaahhh,cry,sob,ahh,cry,bwah,sob,sniff,wipe eyes... ... ...



-- Sysman (, September 09, 2000.

Thanks Sysman! Just trying to help the poor sap. He is in obvious need of therapy, so this one's on me.

-- cyber freud (earth@calling.creeper), September 09, 2000.

North and Yourdon are not going to screw up OUR Country with their BS causing panic. It will end with North back in his hole under the rock he crawled out from and Yourdon retired by his FORMER Peers in I.T.

I'm fairly well known in the media but not to the public as the source of information on the "extremists" of Y2k. I have files on over 100 of them and willingly provide "deep background" to any legitimate writer or reporter for FREE. I can afford it.

It goes without saying that every file is available to the local and state Police and the Federal authorities who are now monitoring the Y2k Extremists in an effort to prevent any terrorism whether from domestic or foreign sources.


-- His cause (and@his.files), September 09, 2000.

Ah yes, more proof of his disturbing obsession. Uncertainty and doubt is normal when the future is unknown, but the fear came from within himself. The thought of his entire materialistic-based value system being shattered was obviously more than his fragile psyche could cope with. It scared poor Creeper to the depths of his soul. This fear has manifested itself in an outward personality disorder... a delusion in which he perceives himself to be a godlike warrior against the doomer characters, whom he sees as a threat to his materialistic establishment.

-- cyber freud (evidence@very.revealing), September 09, 2000.

Coupla points:

I should clarify that the "y2k was never a big problem." statement refers to post 1/1/00. (after all, not everyone can be a big brain like me!)

KoS: If there were IQ requirements, you might not make it in (although the computer might think that you misplaced your shoe-size in the "IQ" box)


Deano: You have to give the King of Sperm credit for being a consistant dip$h|t anyhow. This is the guy who claims some people add nothing to the discussion after asking "do you mudwrestle" and signing it "aol.cum" umpteen million times!


-- Super Polly (, September 07, 2000.

As a long time lurker on the old forum I recall the hundreds of posts by KOS. After the 10th or 11th time he solicited a female for mudwrasslin his act got real old and he took on the persona of a disturbed pervert with one hand on the keyboard and the other groping in his crotch area for something to grab onto. Around the middle of February 2000, I recall him posting a reflective statement regarding his personal mis-read on Y2K and then poof, he disappeared. At the time I felt that the KOS poster of pre- rollover was simply another persona created by a long-time forum regular. His February 2000 manifesto convinced me that his KOS masquerade has come to an end. Now, after all of these months KOS has returned..I doubt that he ever left.

-- I (h@ve.spoken), September 07, 2000.

-- Banned Person (, September 09, 2000.

The more the merrier...

-- dinosaur (, September 09, 2000.

SO iNfIdeL!!! yOU Are NOt sO EXTINct aS You woUld wISH dIEteR To beLIEve?????? beGOnE bOnES oF agES pAST!!!! i HAtE yOU!!!!!

-- Dieter (questions@to, September 09, 2000.

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