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Embedded in the thread : comes the first revelation of the REAL PLAN behind Y2k. You will note there is no mention of aliens or Babylon or any such silly things. So it must be true........RIGHT?

Why even respond to this straw headed straw man who when mixed with mud ends up the Brickhead he is?
Its SO OBVIOUS that the control of the "Sheeple" before, during and after 1/1/2000 will prevent the "real truth" from every coming out.

We know that the failure of many of the early Mantras from the Doom Directors shilling for TPTB created an obstacle for the Master Plan by the Illuminati which was to force the Stock Market down and buy on all dips so that after Y2k, "The Rulers" could reap enormous profits.

As 1998 ended, it became clear that one early Mantra was going to have to be replaced: "The Iron Triangle" of the Banks, Power and Phone. Since it began to look like they would be able to handle Y2k, The RULERS decided to emphasize the "domino" or "cascading failures that can't be fixed" side of the Doom Scenarios. Thus, the Real Insiders, added the "trigger dates" and "external data errors" to the Gloom Story.

First of all, the "trigger dates" were a red herring which enabled the Illuminati to perfect their total control mentioned above while THE REAL Ace in the Hole for the Zombies was the "outside data pollution" that could not by definition effect programs until 1/1/2000. It turned out later, this was a bad decision on the part of one of the new members of the Rulers Strategy Board and he has been sent down for re-training and re-programming just like a lowly Sheeple. Undone it seems by the full scale integrated testing of both the Phone Companies and the Wall Street trading systems. That such a weak argument could be used by The Rulers shows that there are times even they make errors (as they have clearly done trying to push algore instead of one of their own, Jay Rockefeller III).

Since it was assumed by the Fronts known as the Doom Zombies that "problems would be progressive" until the point was reached when "cascading failures" could not be stopped, it was possible for the "Thought Police" of the RULERS, to systematically isolate any single one of the over ONE MILLION PEOPLE in the I.T. and other departments of all the Corporations the RULERS own and effect the shut down of information.

Now how can we know this? ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS? The first "trigger dates" were minor. Whenever any "worker" began to talk, they were identified and then carefully "re-programmed" so that they would remain silent in the future.

This was a major undertaking but after all, there was in the USA alone some 50-100 Billion U$ spent on "the Y2k Problem" and a great deal of that was to STIFLE anyone who talked.

So it should be obvious that is why today we can't find any documented evidence of failures around the Trigger Dates. Each one had its own Sheeple who underwent the "re-programming".

In addition, two other Red Herrings were circulated by the paid agents of the Illuminati who had infiltrated the Doom Zombies (a rather easy thing to do when one has at hand the IQ test scores of the Doomzies indicating sub-room temperature performance).

The General Sheeple heard about the other two Trial Balloons as "The JoAnne Effect" and "The 9/9/99 or All Nines Problem". Here we had simplicity itself. A dense bookeeper stated that by the closing of the annual statements /books for the RETAIL industry in Jan. 1999, we would have a look ahead as the Big Boxes were reset for the Fiscal Year that spanned 1999 to 2000. She named many of the major Retailers who ran on this Fiscal Year then carefully stated that she did not thing much would happen. This became the "Method" for later dismissing the All Nines, 4/15/99 and the biggie: July,1999 when purportedly many of the states would find their errors. The addition of the CHANT: "Its not 2000 yet and thats why we call it the Year 2000 Problem" insured that the Doom Zombies could hold the center of the Stage on the Net while TPTB bought every last share of common stock and some Net Dot Coms on every single down day before 2000 arrived. We know now they reaped an enormous gain by selling at the top to the greatly relieved Y2k Sheeple."

Nothing new here, just another confirmation of how "The Rulers" maintain Control.

The final master stroke of the plan which did indeed enrich the Coffers of The Rulers came by April 1, 2000 when the DJIA and Nasdaq were at the peak as their Wall Street flunkies dumped all the stock bought between the start of the Public Side of the Y2k Crisis in 1997 which saw all the forces of the known Extremists (except the JBS) jump on the Y2k Money Train (or at least try to for those who tried to catch that train in 1998 as "vendors" ended up with "preps" in inventory they thought they would sell. This lead to current Salve for their wounded psyche: "I'm glad I prepped. I would never be without my preps ever again."

And back behind the closed doors where TPTB meet, the skilled Directors of the Farce play tapes and slides for presentations by the Y2k Doom Troop and LAUGH THEMSELVES SILLY as do most AMERICANS along with the ENTIRE EARTH who never thought Y2k would be a problem that could not be overcome.

To those who would point to unemployed programmers and wonder where the programmer shortage is, we see the last part of the Evil Doings of the Rulers. If you think about it, do you know one single one of them who ever encountered a Y2k problem? Clearly, the overall plan to silence any who saw all the "Really, really big problems" by keeping them in the Corps the Rulers own and raising their pay after "re- training" has worked completely.

-- cpr (, September 08, 2000.

-- cpr (, September 08, 2000

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