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Do Cagiva intend to market a limited edition, (SPS), model for WSB homologation ? If so then any information would be appreciated.

-- Francis Duguid (, September 08, 2000


I have read that cagiva is not intent to race in the WSB serie's but in 2002 in the grandprix start whit an four stroke machine. Sound logical to me. And in the grandprix only experimental bikes may have a start. But i no that cagiva comes whit a 140 hp machine next year,same as the f4s and carbon parts. And my bike is 5 weeks at cagiva benelux and still not back. By by year 2000. greetings, Ben

-- Ben Profijt (, September 08, 2000.

I also read the Cagiva wanted to focus on the 500cc GP races.

However, there was an article in the October 2000 issue of motorcyclist about "a power-up version of the produce a claimed 140 crankshaft horsepower in street-legal guise."

Also, there were some threads on the Casoli board about a 140hp MV called the F140 and a 160hp 900cc version called the F160.

In an interview with Cagiva's head, he did say within the next few year (3?) we'll be seeing a variety of more powerful MVs.

-- Allan Gibbs (, September 08, 2000.

I read in Australian MotorCycle News...Alan Cathcart said that Castiglioni said "no way" to an official MV Superbike team, but admitted to talking to Francis Batta (is that the right name?) of the Corona/Alstare/Suzuki team whose top rider is of course Frankie Chili.

Thus there is speculation, or hope, that there could be an unofficial Superbike Team under Corona/Alstare colours with Chili at the helm!

Here's hoping!

-- Shayne (, September 09, 2000.

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